No More Chinese Communist Party

September 15, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald: In China, it’s always (Communist) Party time

Although discreetly out of sight to foreigners, the communists are still running practically everything.

But one of the responsibilities of being one of China’s 83 million Communist Party members is to obscure the power of the party from foreigners.

At the Changchun Railway Vehicles factory I asked the manager of the huge bullet train fabrication plant whether his was a ”patriotic” cause. He replied in the affirmative and then volunteered: ”We not only work for Changchun Railway Vehicles but for the country. We always do political education on loving the country and loving the party. In fact we have a Communist Party branch in this workshop. I’m a member, and 80 per cent of managers are members. To make sure our workers don’t get bored we organise activities, like education on how to love the country and love the party. It helps the workers integrate and improve their communal spirit.”

State-owned companies have made huge strides in efficiency and profitability but they are still owned and controlled by the Communist Party. And given that the profits last year at just two Chinese state-owned companies, China Mobile and PetroChina, far exceeded the combined profits of China’s 500 largest private companies (218 billion yuan), it’s fair to say that the party directly dominates big business in China.


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