No More Chinese Communist Party

September 15, 2010

AOL News: For Chinese Activist, ‘The Truman Show’ Begins

Read more here: Chen Guangcheng, 38, was let out of jail Sept. 9 only to confront a regime of round-the-clock video surveillance, constant plainclothes police presence outside his home and monitoring or blocking of his and his relatives’ cell phones. If he is allowed to go anywhere, he’ll have a plainclothes police “escort.”

Such surveillance, called “soft detention” (ruan jin) in Chinese, is what happens to activists whom the Chinese state deems not dangerous enough for jail but too dangerous to be left to their own devices. The treatment can last years, even decades.

The methods are illegal according to China’s own laws, Chinese lawyers and rights activists say, and show how far authoritarian China still is from protecting citizens’ rights that now exist only on paper.


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