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July 19, 2010

The Chinese government wants its own Internet

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The inquirer: An internal memo that accidentally ended up on the party’s website detailed a plan to use the Internet in order to “create an international public opinion environment that is objective, beneficial and friendly to us.”

Wang Chen – a man with more Chinese government credits to his name than Lord Mandy – continued by claiming that the effort to engineer the Internet would help in “assisting in our diplomatic battles and safeguarding our national interests.”

Although much of that might seem like the crazy ramblings of a tin-pot dictator, Chen’s speech takes a sinister turn when he says the Internet has “increased the government’s capabilities in social management.” According to Chen, Chinese government agencies at all levels “have gradually built mechanisms to guide public opinion through integrating the functions of propaganda departments,” with the Internet being just another tool for the rulers to use towards that goal.

Wang also references the need for filtering content by claiming that access to foreign websites can result in “all sorts of harmful foreign information to appear on our domestic internet”. All of this points to the Chinese government creating their own intranet in order to push its ideals into the minds of its populace.


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