No More Chinese Communist Party

July 14, 2010

Guy Sorman: Darkness in Beijing

The Chinese regime persecutes defenders of freedom.

We must listen to Liu Xia and deal with the Chinese regime as we once dealt with the Soviet Union. We didn’t confuse the Russian people with the Soviet Communist Party; we did business with the USSR because trade benefited the Russian people; we supported Soviet dissidents because they embodied Russia’s enduring soul and its future. In the same way, let us realize that the Chinese people are not to be confused with the Chinese Communist Party. Let us recognize that Liu Xiaobo, Hu Jia, and Wei Jingsheng represent the dignity and the honor of China—and, we may hope, its future.


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  1. I never even thought of the Canadian Chinese people, being involved, in any espionage. We have a multitude of different races, in this country. The Canadian Chinese, are good people. They are no different, than everyone else, in this country. The blame is on Campbell and Harper. Campbell, has sold us out to China. Our mills and our raw logs, have been sent to China. The expansion of the ports of, Prince Rupert and Kitimat, in particular, is for the dirty oil tankers, from China. Campbell has patterned his Liberal government, on the government of China. Harper is behind, the rail yard expansion, to give China, easier access in our country. The both of them are dictators. Harper and Campbell have a very close relationship. It is said, Campbell is actually a Conservative, flying under a Liberal flag. They were in cahoots, regarding the HST. We all know, Campbell is Harper’s boy. Canadian Intelligence, are absolutely right, to keep an eye on BC and, indeed the entire country. I would like to know, just how much money, this country owes to China?

    Comment by G.J.W. — July 17, 2010 @ 11:20 am | Reply

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