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July 14, 2010

Cohn: Blowing China’s cover in Canada

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Tags: , Forget the stage craft of spy novels, or the make-believe machinations of those captured Russian sleeper agents. China targets Canadians with more mundane tactics ranging from sumptuous free lunches to package tours of China. Last month, a so-called “opinion leader” told me excitedly that he’d been invited on a tour of China. MPs go all the time. So do freelance journalists. All on China’s dime.


Amidst the torrent of bad news Fadden unleashed, the good news is that it may force us to think about how China gets its way in Canada — not just with underhanded operations but above board activities such as buying up big chunks of Canada’s resource giants in the oilsands. That’s where the real influence is likely to be found in future.

A red under every bed? Look again — under the boardroom table.


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  1. I doubt many Canadian citizens, doubted Fadden’s word. It’s in our faces, obvious, that Campbell, has sold BC out to China. Harper, also is blamed for, giving easy access of our country to China. I have heard on TV, two M.P’s from the east saying, Harper is a fascist, and too stubborn to work with. However, Harper and Campbell, are Communist dictators, they just got the wrong title. I hope now, at last. The Canadian people, must call to have Harper and Campbell, removed from office. This country isn’t safe, as long as they are in office. I hope other provinces, will examine their political leaders, to make sure they are not supporters for China, invading our country.

    Comment by Julie — July 17, 2010 @ 11:38 am | Reply

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