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July 9, 2010

ET: Canada’s Spy Chief Stands Behind Comments on Foreign Influence

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OTTAWA, Canada—Canada’s spy boss Richard Fadden said he regretted the candidness, but not the substance of his controversial remarks regarding foreign influence of Canadian officials and stood his ground during his hearing before the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security on Monday.

His comments have raise particular ire among some politicians of Chinese decent because of comments Fadden made in the interview that some politicians are invited back to their homeland for a trip as a way to begin influencing them.

“You invite somebody back to the homeland. You pay [for] their trips and all of a sudden you discover that when an event is occurring that is of particular interest to country “X,” you call up and you ask the person to take a particular view,” Fadden said in the interview.

He has also pointed to China as the most aggressive country in trying to recruit political prospects at the university level.

When asked if he thought he owed an apology to the Chinese community, Fadden replied “no” saying cases were extremely rare and those people being used to gather intel were the victims.

“I don’t think they are the problem, I think the foreign power is the problem.”


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  1. Both Harper and Campbell, are great supporters of China. Campbell has regressed, our province and the people, to China’s standard of life. Campbell’s government, is exactly the same as China’s. Campbell, is also a dictator, and a Communist, and so is Harper. Harper and Campbell, are close buddies. Canadian Intelligence hopefully, are watching Harper, as well as Campbell. They are assisting China, to take over the entire country.

    Comment by Julie — July 17, 2010 @ 12:05 pm | Reply

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