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July 4, 2010

China isn’t a friend of Canadian democracy

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The National Post: I recall some years ago the Chinese ambassador to Canada coming to the Post and distributing his government’s anti-Falun Gong material to our editorial board with a gusto that was alarming.

Readers should keep in mind the Chinese spies are not just trying to undermine economic growth in Canada by stealing our industrial secrets, they are also engaged in a propaganda war against Canadians who practice Falun Gong, a war aimed at generating hate for those practitioners and ultimately diminishing their rights as Canadian citizens.

Opposition promises more questions over spy claims:

Fadden told CBC-TV in a late-June interview that he was in the process of warning two provinces, through the Privy Council Office, that members of their cabinets had come under foreign influence.

Fadden also said CSIS had suspicions about a number of municipal politicians in British Columbia.

He was cagey about the countries involved, but indicated China was a country of concern for the spy service.

On the eve of a visit by Chinese President Hu Jintao, the Prime Minister’s Office denied knowledge of Fadden’s worries.

The CSIS director quickly backpedalled, saying in a statement that he had “not apprised the Privy Council Office of the cases” because they were not “of sufficient concern” to alert provincial authorities.


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  1. Many Canadians, have taken Fadden’s word. Especially in BC, Campbell, is selling BC out to China. Campbell is also adopting, China’s Communist government. Campbell is also a dictator. He is going to pollute this entire province, for China. As far as Harper goes, he is building facilities, to make China an easier pathway, into our country. There is no, Canadian Constitution anymore. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from Canadians. Democracy and Freedom, are null and void. None of our Canadian rights, are the rights for the people of China. So therefore, Canada is entering a Communist regime.

    Comment by Gail — July 17, 2010 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

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