No More Chinese Communist Party

June 27, 2010

Hu Jintao visits Canada

Several groups oppose CCP tyranny on one side of Canada’s Parliament Hill and a large group of CCP supporters gather on the other side. Here are some stories that covered Hu Jintao’s visit to Canada:

Chinese Embassy to Students: Prepare for ‘War’ During Hu’s Visit to Ottawa

“When you go out this door, wash your minds and forget what we’ve said,” says Yuan. “Don’t go out and talk about this. We’ll find another time to tell the other personnel the same things, and we can tell them. Because we are the national team, teacher Liu has specially chosen us to be here to give us our marching orders for war. It’s a prelude for the beginning of our activities.”

Falun Gong protest arrival of Chinese leader, call on Harper to address human rights

Controversy swirled this week when CSIS director Richard Fadden alleged that Chinese officials are involved in espionage with elected Canadian officials.

There was also a published report that Hu asked the Prime Minister’s Office to keep two media outlets that have been critical of the Chinese leader, the Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty TV, away from his Ottawa events.

Chinese rights activist banned from Canada Parliament Hill after protesting communist party head’s visit

“I think that is very unfair,” said Huo. “All I did was try to convey some messages to fellow Chinese people. I didn’t attack them, I didn’t provoke them, I was just there in a public space saying I believe something different from them.”


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