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June 3, 2010

Metro: The Party makes for an illuminating glimpse behind the red curtain

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China’s flat-out sprint to become the world’s largest economy has left commentators struggling to define the political model that now powers the Middle Kingdom.

The Financial Times’s Richard McGregor, a former Beijing bureau chief, here argues persuasively that the modern Chinese state is ‘still run on Soviet hardware’.

The Chinese Communist Party may have loosened its grip in some areas and made concerted efforts to hide its hand elsewhere but it still regards democratic government to be ‘the CCP governing on behalf of the people’.

McGregor’s lucid dissection shows how top-ranked party members – indeed the party itself – sit outside the law, news reporting is censored, the legal system is manipulated and history is ‘managed’.

McGregor also chronicles the tensions between free-market reforms and tight political authority: for instance, whereas decentralisation was crucial to the economic miracle, the results of things careening out of control – as with the Sanlu milk poisoning scandal – can be fatal.

It makes for an illuminating glimpse behind the red curtain.


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