No More Chinese Communist Party

April 19, 2010

Taiwan News: Why Taiwan must back PRC dissidents

Ironically, while domestic activists such as Hu Jia languish in PRC prisons and Chinese democratic movement leaders such as Wei Jingsheng and Wang Dan are rendered powerless in exile, social unrest and instability in the PRC continues to intensify.

If the world`s democracies continue to curry favor with the authoritarian CCP regiem and fail to support Chinese activists for human and social rights, freedom of speech, democratic freedoms or other progressive and liberal movements, China may become increasingly polarized and the direction of social unrest may turn to ultranationalism and expansionism.

In this case, the first country to be impacted will be none other than Taiwan, regardless of whether the KMT has a “truce“ with the CCP.

President Ma, who vowed to allow Taiwan to export human rights, should not forget this commitment and join the Taiwan and world human rights community`s call to save the lives of Hu Jia and other imprisoned Chinese human rights defenders.

Concretely speaking, Taiwan should respond actively to last week`s “urgent appeal“ by Amnesty International, the International Federation of Human Rights (FIDH), the Taiwan Association for Human Rights and many other human rights organizations to demand that the PRC government immediately give medical parole to imprisoned human rights activist Hu Jia, who is gravely ill from hepatitis-B.

Hu Jia, who has long been active in causes ranging from support for AIDS victims, environmental protection and freedom of expression, is now serving a three and a half year sentence imposed in 2008 for “inciting subversion of state power.“

Taiwanese NGOs Concerned About Gao Zhisheng


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