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April 5, 2010

Google in China: Spat with Chinese leadership puts company in a tough spot

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The Seattle Times: “According to David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer. In an interview with James Fallows of The Atlantic, he said:

“This attack, which was from China, was different. It was almost singularly focused on getting into G-mail accounts specifically of human-rights activists, inside China or outside … That was distasteful to us. It seemed to us that this was all part of an overall system bent on suppressing expression, whether it was by controlling Internet search results or trying to surveil activists. It is all part of the same repressive program, from our point of view. We felt that we were being part of that.”

Drummond goes on to say that Google went to China with hopes of helping the country open up. Instead, he says that things have gotten worse, especially since the Beijing Olympics.

The realities of business and politics can be an uncomfortable challenge for a company founded in a garage with the intention of doing no evil.”


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