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March 29, 2010

Can encoding “subversive” concepts evade the great firewall?

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It’s interesting to hear all of the codes for different concepts in China. Both the party and the people have their separate codes.  I’d say, the parties codes are meant to fool people, for example “harmony” and “social stability” actually means accepting to be oppressed to whatever degree the party decides.  But people seem to be pretty smart by using coded wording for issues related to human rights and the party itself.  It’s smart because the great firewall would have to censor so many ordinary words if they were used as codes, making it very hard for them to do that. That’s just my opinion. I don’t really understand the following, but apparently it’s a play on words.

Exerpt from Financial Times: A local newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist party has defied its prop-aganda masters and reprinted an internet pun mourning Google’s exit from the mainland.

“The ‘ancient dove’ is an invisible searching bird . . . which faces extinction in China,” according to the article in Saturday’s Chongqing Evening News.

Gu Ge, the Mandarin Chinese words which mean “ancient dove”, sound like Google’s Chinese name.

The article’s appearance was all the more surprising because the Communist party’s propaganda department issued orders to all state-owned media not to cover the Google story in any way other than that sanctioned by Beijing.


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