No More Chinese Communist Party

March 28, 2010

Forced to join the Chinese Communist party

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An American in China: Communism in China raises many questions. For instance, people ask if China is really Communist. The short answer is yes, at least in political structure. Hu Jin Tao is the president and leader of the party ( the word everyone uses to avoid saying the communist party), and the party (communist party) still wields the big stick. As an example, to join Stat Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) or at least progress therein, one should join the (communist) party. I have  a friend from America, who was forced to join  the (communist) party, in order to obtain his position with a local joint venture. The man is as white as they come, but he was to be the plant manager of this JV. In order to do so, he had to become a member of the part- so, he is now a card carrying member of the CCP or Chinese Communist Party.


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