No More Chinese Communist Party

March 17, 2010

Naturally, they are censoring Google, as well as news about Google

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Wall Street Journal: The Communist Party’s Propaganda Department issued requests to media outlets on Friday to halt their coverage of the possible closure of Google’s Chinese Web site, says a Chinese journalist familiar with the situation. Chinese news Web sites have also been told they will be required to use only official accounts of the situation if is closed, another individual with knowledge of that order said.

It’s not uncommon for propaganda authorities in China to give orders dictating the nature of news coverage on sensitive issues where they fear dissent. The fact that authorities have decided that Google’s situation should get that treatment suggests they know that many Chinese Internet users, tens of millions of whom are Google users, don’t see things the same way the government does.

HERE is the run down of how Google blacklists what the CCP requires it to.

Time for Google to Show Some Backbone

    I. Rather than using non-compliance as an excuse to gracefully pull out of China, Google should be openly defiant.

    II. Second, if the Chinese did forcibly shut down the site, Google and the U.S. should use such an action to demonstrate to the WTO that China is using censorship, and in effect, human rights violations, to hinder free trade.

    III. Third, the WTO would be pressured to tie the issues of human rights violations to free trade, since Google would be able to show that since it didn’t comply with human rights violations, that it wasn’t allowed to compete.


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