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March 15, 2010

Harsh Words From CCP to US over Human Rights Record!

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Reuters: “The United States not only has a terrible domestic human rights record, it is also the main source of many human rights disasters worldwide,” the Chinese report said, according to the official Xinhua news agency.

“Especially a time when the world is suffering serious human rights disasters caused by the global financial crisis sparked by the U.S. sub-prime crisis, the U.S. government has ignored its own grave human rights problems and reveled in accusing other countries.”

I’m no expert, but seems who ever’s making this speech doesn’t really understand what human rights means. I also find it very distasteful that this person is accusing the other of reveling in accusing others.  The US is pretty desperate not to upset the CCP right now, one for money and two, for the size of their army.  Human rights need to be a focus and people in China should be protected from gross abuses and there is no law in China that will protect innocent people from being relentlessly persecuted by the party and it’s arms and legs that reach into and manipulate waaaay too many aspects of people’s lives.  The people simply do not have HUMAN RIGHTS, even if they have enough to eat, or a car, some of them, they are not allowed to believe, to think and to speak, unless it is in line with the party.


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