No More Chinese Communist Party

March 12, 2010

AFP: China orders reporters trained in Marxist theory

China will toughen requirements for reporters by launching a new certification system that requires training in Marxist and communist theories of news, a media official said, citing problems with the current crop of mainland journalists.

Communist theories of journalism say media should serve the leadership and not undermine its initiatives — a stark contrast to the independent government watchdog role many democracies embrace.

Government censors keep a tight grip on news content and routinely ban reporting on issues deemed too politically sensitive or destabilizing, and many media outlets in China serve as mouthpieces for the state.

But recently some have become more freewheeling since newspapers and broadcasters began relying increasingly on advertising instead of just Communist Party patronage for their survival. Some have run afoul of the government for reporting accurately on stories that officials didn’t want publicized.

There have been also problems with reporters demanding payment for positive news coverage or to bury a story, and instances of reporters fabricating news.

“Comrades who are going to be working on journalism’s front lines must learn theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics and be taught Marx’s view on news, plus media ethics and Communist Party discipline on news and propaganda,” Li told Xinhua on Monday.

This reflects the idea of surpassing other countries in grain and steel production.

Here is an account of how in CHina people are still not allowed to report accurately on “the great leap forward” movement which killed between 50-80 million people.

The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party explains the movement in more detail.  That book is of course the CCP’s biggest fear.


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