No More Chinese Communist Party

March 7, 2010

BBC: “Google Says China’s Censorship is a “Trade Issue”

I would have to agree. It”s a political trade issue.  This is what we pay our governments to do in terms of economy. Why else would we pay our politicians to suck up to other countries?

It seems to be much much easier to suck up and compromise for money than to set limits, sot of like parenting I guess.  So when human rights issues are interrupting business and turning into a political game of “everyone must agree to persecute dissidents”, then how come suddenly politics and trade are left for the company alone to sort out?  It doesn”t make sense.

I”m glad that Google was able to take on a lot of responsibility for the situation, but at the very least the people who are supposedly in power should meet them half way, I mean do we still stand for anything as countries, or is it all about the bottom line?  Google was reprimanded in the past for abiding by the communist party”s oppressive “laws”, but that seems very hypocritical for them to not help out for such an important issue.

When Google launched in 2006, it agreed to censor some search results – such as the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, Tibetan independence or religious group Falun Gong – as required by the Chinese government.

China has said it welcomes international internet companies, provided they “respect the Chinese public’s interests, the nation’s traditional culture and its laws and regulations”.

Google currently holds about one-third of the Chinese search market, far behind Chinese rival Baidu, which has more than 60%.

China has more internet users – about 350 million – than any other country and last year had a lucrative search engine market worth an estimated $1bn (£614m).”


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