No More Chinese Communist Party

March 2, 2010

Why the conventional coverage of China may be missing the most interesting story of all.

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For me, this article doesn’t exactly reflect the title, but I support the nature of the headline very much and feel that since we are not under the same information suppression as China, we should be much further along in understanding China than we are.  Can you believe we still carry some Xinhua info in our media!?

Foreign Policy: “The problem is that China’s pervasive corruption is eroding people’s trust in the law. Popular frustration about the issue is one of the driving forces behind the rising signs of civil unrest around China. By one estimate, there were 127,467 “mass incidents” in China in 2008. In one government poll last year, 75 percent of respondents cited corruption as the number one problem facing the country. It’s easy to see how the resulting cynicism could poison the country’s future.”


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