No More Chinese Communist Party

February 22, 2010

Yes, they are independant of the communist regime, oh, except for that small detail of having to deny your religious beliefs and having to support the communist party

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‘Independence’, at a price

Nottingham has been keen to emphasise this freedom, describing Ningbo as the “first and only Western university to operate independently from the Chinese Government”.

Yet on closer examination, it is clear that it has had to make significant concessions to the cultural and political parameters within which it is operating.

For example, the university is responsible for enforcing laws forbidding the dissemination of anti-government material.

According to the campus’ website, Lu Junsheng, deputy party secretary of the local Chinese Communist Party Committee branch, is in charge of “the political and ideological education of the students”.

Yes, it’s perfect, the only drawbacks being that you have to give up your faith and cut off your balls at the door, no big deal.

In America, there are thousands of communist fronts wherever you find Chinese people. The Chinese media is almost all in line with the communist party in China. The are of the party extends deeply to all corners of the world.

When you agree to support the communist party, it is not a matter of politics and economy, no it is the matter of hooooorendous crimes against humanity, human rights and very basic freedom, so I don’t see any excuse for moral relativism, saying that we should respect those things, for any reason.

There should be no institution that has the right to tell you not to practice religion, since that is a matter of inner self esteem and many people’s’ fundamental reason to live.

Let’s just call it what it is, you can stay in China, but you have to be a communist party supporter, it’s plain and simple. You can do what you like, as long as you don’t have morals or belief in morals.

Nottingham and Liverpool, come train to be a genius empty shell.


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