No More Chinese Communist Party

February 14, 2010

Will Google Make a Difference?

I think in saying what they have said and showing that they have some moral character, has already made a difference.

The University Daily Kansan: “Is it more morally responsible for Google to stop censoring search results for the Chinese government, even if that results in them having to close up shop in China, or to continue providing internet services to the Chinese people?

On the pro side, Google can claim (or reclaim) the moral high ground in standing up against censorship and for the free flow of information. The Chinese government has long used the internet as a weapon to silence dissent and control their populace, by limiting just what they have access to do, and then doing things like hacking the email accounts of dissidents. The publicity machine that Google can bring to bear on this issue might force some of the uglier Chinese practices regarding the internet out into the light and show the Chinese people maybe a little bit of what they’ve been missing. I mean, without Youtube, how could they live without Keyboard Cat?”

Well, any company, even English teachers, and especially something like Google, needs to sign contracts outlining the self-censorship. I know Bjork and others who said things during a concert etc. are no longer allowed into China.  I heard that Sharon Stone movies are taken off the shelves in China since she said that the earthquake there was bad karma. So the Communist party uses restriction of access as a guarantee of keeping information repressed. Yahoo was “forced” to divulge info that got a NY Times reporter convicted for spreading information according to so called “Chinese law”. They had to do that. Chinese law is a joke of course and is only in place to keep people oppressed by the party, but to really change things, I think people need to challenge things on a higher level.

So I am just saying, that going up for matters of morality and justice in that kind of environment, you need to know what kind of thing you’re getting into.  Maybe what they should have done, was to at least do something great and be kicked out of China, but if they did any great things, wouldn’t they have to deal with the messy topic of breaking the  so called “Chinese laws” that their contracts stipulate?  All in all, they are doing better than the vast majority of companies.


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