No More Chinese Communist Party

February 14, 2010

Top Lawyer in China is an Enormous Threat to the Regime.

Must watch video here at, please help share the video and the site, which has petitions.

This lawyer is no joke. This Washington Post article outlines how Mr. Gao has been missing for one year and how the communist party officials are treating it, and him. It is very frustrating, but, important to know.

I have read Mr. Gao’s book, ‘A China More Just’, and you can see that he is not a cynical, fearful man willing to do what he has to do to stay in business and avoid trouble. He is a man who clearly sees right from wrong and is not willing to simply stay out of danger like the other lawyers in China who know the fate of a person who dares to say what’s true and right in China.  It is that sense of innocence and justice that the party is afraid of, and they are treating him as a highly threatening element to their system of oppression.  At this time, if Gao is alive, I can only assume that they are working on making him into the kind of person who is willing to compromise on principles, through torture.  They are hoping he will come out of the chambers singing the praises of the party and thanking them for setting him right.  Or, they will kill him, I am very sorry to say. He is brilliant.


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