No More Chinese Communist Party

April 23, 2009

Dalai Lama calls the CCP immature becuase China is a superpower that is afraid of any differing opinions.

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TOKYO (AFP) — The Dalai Lama accused China of “acting like a child” in cracking down on Tibetans and other minorities, saying it lacked the moral authority of a genuine superpower.

dalai-lama-elton-melo2The Tibetan spiritual leader told reporters in Japan that while China could boast military, economic and population muscle, it feared even small signs of dissent.

Addressing a Tokyo news conference on a stopover before a speaking tour of Europe and the United States, he said he saw China, “such a big nation, acting like a child.”

He said the government routinely arrested individuals with different views, but stressed that “such a big nation of over one billion people (should have) no need for such sort of fear.”


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