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March 4, 2009

China rule of law, oxymoron

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gaobook2Most of the issues plaguing the world could be solved with a comprehensive legal understanding.  In China the biggest problem is corruption, and that is due to the people in power not abiding by the constitution and instead using fear tactics to keep the people quiet.

The point is that the top level of the CCP cannot rectify this issue (in my opinion).  If the top levels stop the lower levels from doing whatever they want to get rich and live an exploitative lifestyle, then the top CCPers would no longer have the tools to run the lower levels and control the whole society as it does through fear.

If the lower levels did not have the huge incentive of total freedom to exploit, then why would they lie boldfaced through the media?  Why would they do so much harm on behalf of the CCP to keep the people quiet?

They do that because they have an understanding with the top level.  They have sold their mafia services to the top level for freedom of corruption.

If the tope level CCPers start cracking down on illegal activity in the true sense of the word, then they will be the first ones to go to jail, so how can the CCP implement it’s own doom?

Gao Zhisheng is known as “the conscience of China”. He is self taught lawyer, a great lawyer who believes in the spirit of the law and justice, so of course, he is in jail suffering torture for that under the CCPs orders since gaofamilythey do not want anyone disturbing the way they have it set up.  They do not want people with conscience showing courage and influencing others to stand up.

Please support lawyer Gao…


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