No More Chinese Communist Party

February 9, 2009

HELP Bring to light China’s illegal vast torture and detention system

BEIJING (Reuters) – China defends its handling of human rights under the glare of international scrutiny this week, while homegrown activists are waging their own scrappier battle over secretive detentions in the nation’s capital.

A meeting of the U.N. Human Rights Council starting in Geneva on Monday gives groups and governments a chance to press Beijing on secretive executions and jailed dissidents as well as labor camps and other forms of detention.

Despite the ruling Communist Party’s censorship and crackdowns on dissent, demands for rights are spreading throughout this increasingly diverse and fractious society.

“In a sense, this is the biggest human rights issue, because it involves so many people, it’s so widespread, and it’s so lacking in legal justification,” said Xu Zhiyong, a Beijing law lecturer and rights advocate who has organized “guerrilla” citizen rescues of detained petitioners.

The aggrieved farmers, workers and pensioners are then held in the unadvertised detention centers, many on Beijing’s southern outskirts and the backroads of other cities and towns. Zheng said he was hauled into one such “black jail” in the capital, driven back to one in his hometown and locked up until late last year.

“Local leaders want to protect themselves, so they try to hide us away, hide away our complaints,” said Zheng.

“The police told me I was there to learn the law. But they’re the ones who need to learn the law,” said Yuan Rongbao, a middle-aged ex-soldier from Yunxi who said he was also held in the station for a week last year after going to Beijing to complain about the demolition of his home.

In one recent raid, 30 clean-cut protesters waved copies of China’s laws against unlawful jailing and aimed video cameras at startled guards. Accounts and footage of their protests have spread over the Internet, and with other critical reports they are raising pressure on officials, said Xu.

Teng Biao, a Beijing rights lawyer who has also joined the campaign against the petitioner jails, said fighting such abuses needed both domestic and international activism.

“We need external pressure and scrutiny,” he said. “But the real improvements will need domestic breakthroughs, domestic campaigns. Without that, human rights can’t lay down firm roots.”

VIDEO black jails and the olympic lie please watch this, it is real, but it is only the tip of the iceburg.  The real places of unspeakable torture are not accessible unless someone makes a serious move.


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