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February 9, 2009

China’s UN Human Rights Review

Human Rights in China

February 09, 2009
The examination of China’s first Universal Periodic Review (UPR) report by the UN Human Rights Council concluded this morning. The Chinese delegation, led by Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong, dismissed concerns raised by many countries over China’s human rights practices as “politicized statements.” Li asserted that China has continued its efforts to “push for democracy and institutional promotion of the rule of law” so as to advance the civil and political rights of the people, and to “provide fundamental freedom” to the Chinese people. In a rare moment of naming names in such process, a member of the Chinese delegation said that the Chinese government “categorically rejects” Australia’s suggestion that China oppresses Tibetans.

A host of countries, including Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand, raised wide ranging concerns and questions that related to:
human rights policies;

rule of law concerns, including the lack of an independent judiciary, attacks on lawyers and rights defenders, abuses related to the Reeducation-Through-Labor (RTL) system, the death penalty, and arbitrary detention;

freedom of expression, association and religious beliefs;

ethnic minorities and vulnerable groups, including women, children, and rural inhabitants;

press freedom for domestic and international journalists;

access to information, the state secrets system, and Internet censorship; and

independent civil society and the consultation process for preparing China’s National Report.

In response to the concerns raised, high-level delegates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Supreme People’s Court, Ministry of Justice, Government Information Office of the State Council, National People’s Congress, and Ministry of Public Security declared that:
“China is a nation of rule of law and no one is above the law;”

“There is no censorship in China,” and the government “encourages” citizens to freely express their opinion;

the restrictions on journalists reporting on sensitive cases come not from the government but from the stakeholders;

there are comprehensive legal safeguards against the use of torture and there are no black jails in China;

the law protects lawyers in their work and no one is attacked for protecting the rights of people;

far from discriminating against ethnic minorities, the state in fact gives preferential treatment to them; and

people are free to worship in whatever religion they choose.

“The responses of the Chinese delegation raise serious questions about its capacity to engage in a constructive critical dialogue on urgent human rights concerns that have been documented and reported on by a range of UN human rights procedures,” said Sharon Hom, executive director of Human Rights in China.

What do they expect?!  Anyone who thinks that the communist party of China can fix itself and become normal (especially by it’s own will) does not GET IT.  This party does has been responsible for the unnatural deaths of 60-80 million of it’s own citizens during peacetimes due to it’s paranoia and selfishness over power.  This party has nothing but greed and no morals.  Some might think it is only certain members, but it is a lot more serious than that.  The anti-human rights and total corruption/power-mongering is led by the top.  It is like when the US embassy looked into organ harvesting, they took a guided tour by CCP officials of one hospital, who would expect them to admit these things.  In China during the cultural revolution, the CCP was responsible for cannibalism and wanton murder etc. and the people of China are still not allowed to discuss these issues, that is how the party maintains it’s power, so don’t expect them to hand that over.

The Xinhua propaganda outfit has titled their article (which means the res to the country’s publications must follow) China’s human rights achievements highlighted at UN review



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    Mind Blowing!

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