No More Chinese Communist Party

February 5, 2009


Amnesty International

5 February 2009

Six months after the closing of the Beijing Olympic Games, the UPR presents a rare opportunity for the international community to systematically engage with China on the full spectrum of human rights concerns.

amnestyHowever, China’s government report omits reference to the on-going crisis in Tibet, the severe crackdown on Uighurs in China’s Western Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, and the on-going persecution of various religious practitioners, including the Falun Gong members.

“China’s national report fails to list some of the country’s most pressing issues,” said Roseann Rife. “Ignoring severe violations of human rights in the country undermines the goals and spirit of the UN UPR process.”
According to Amnesty International, the official report also fails to mention China’s systems of administrative detention, in which up to several hundred thousand individuals may be incarcerated without trial or access to a lawyer, and the need to reform the household registration system, which institutionalizes second-class citizenship for the hundreds of millions of rural labourers in the cities.

I am not at all surprised.  What are they supposed to do, come out and admit that they are psychopathic murdering fiends? (not China, we’re not talking about China here, we’re talking about the party).  Will anyone dare to ever actually take a good look at the truth?  Will Obama stick to his words and actually be a responsible leader?  The problem is, whoever takes the step to reveal the truth, will get ‘punished’ by the communist party.  The French president wanted to meet Dalai Lama, so the CCP ‘punished’ the leader by avoiding France.  They are terrified of the truth of their human rights record, TERRIFIED.  I KNOW what they have done and how they have gone to great lengths to make people believe they have not been doing those things.  It is incredibly sad to see their tactics working because the wonderfulness of revealing the truth is wayyyy better than the comfort of pretending there is no problem.  That’s my opinion, obviously not everyone agrees.  I wish they would…


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