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January 22, 2009

Suit latest pro-democracy move in China / Ex-apparatchik demanding Net provider unblock access to his reform-oriented blog

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Daily Yomiuri via CDT:

Over the past few months, China has seen a rise in dissenting voices protesting against one-party rule and calls for democratic reform and the boycotting of the state TV broadcaster.

The latest dissident to pick a fight with the government is a Beijing company executive who began proceedings Monday to file a lawsuit against an Internet provider that blocked access to his blog.

Wang Zhaojun (汪兆钧), 60, a former standing committee member of the Anhui Province People’s Political and Consultative Conference, posted on his blog an essay calling for political reform.

Wang instigated proceedings on the ground that, by blocking access to the blog, the provider violated the Chinese Constitution, which states that citizens “enjoy freedom of speech.” Wang is demanding that the provider unblock access to the Web site.

This is amazing!  The Chinese people have not made waves like this for a long time.  Thy have been torn up by false ideology and terror in China and they have not had the balls yet to demand constitutional rights (partly due to propaganda effect on the masses)


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