No More Chinese Communist Party

October 29, 2008

what do you have to do to acheive the financial security that appears to exist in China?

So right now, people think China has some cash to spare, does it?  We want China to keep it’s poor poor so that we can maintain a way more posh life than most of the people in China?

WHo really thinks China should spend on spoiled developed countries when half of it’s own population is much poorer than any developed country.  If China were divided into several smaller countries, then yeah, it would make sense, the CCP and it’s zombie squad of rich people consisting largely of family members of the party would form a nice rich country, oh wait, the money comes from stealing from the rest of China…

China has some cash in the stash, well you could too, what do you have to do to achieve the financial security that appears to exist in China?

first steal all the property in the USA and give it to the dictatorship, (if anyone protests cut them to bits, dont spare on the extreme psychological torture (to ensure that others will be too scared),

then tax the poor as much as possible and make sure they remain as ignorant and as possible, let them get used to being slaves who dont demand anything but bare animal subsistence , make it so that the bulk of the population accepts poverty and is thankful to the dictatorship more than their own parents, just for letting them live.

Then pillage the whole countries resources and spread that wealth amongst people who will defend the dictatorship through a creative variety unscrupulous limitless means. Then, just wait (or arrange) for all the people who are poor or who have consciences to die , and voila, you have , oh wait, pillaging the environment is probably not the best idea …hmm, oh yeah and won’t people have some ideas of history and morals, and combine those and not be able to accept being zombies?

So maybe the get rich quick formula used by the CCP dictatorship is not destined to be successful.

The caucasian people wanted to blindly follow the religion of consumerism and materialism, somehow seeing it as The Way to live and be happy. Turns out, nope, religious materialism has not been the superior faith leading to happiness so I think instead of crying and wishing that we can all maintain the same fruit roll-up+ritalin so called “high standard of living”, we should just accept that maybe consumerism is not something to vehemently pursue.  There are things in life that are even free that are much more important.  consumersim is the opiate of the people, I wouldnt be surprised if the consumerist lifestyle was some big conspiracy to keep people running in a hamster wheel, clamouring for and drooling over more stuff and more money to spend and save, so that we never think about the stuff that really matters and Mr. Oil, Mr. Sugar, Mr. Tobacco, Mr. Plastic etc are all having the last laugh (so they think) when they own the moon!, or until everyone but them are dead from our own devices… HA HA HA (thats meant to be a bit creepy)

existential crisis

Stop shopping or the planet will go pop!


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