No More Chinese Communist Party

October 29, 2008

The “Global Economic Downturn”, and China

They say China has it’s wallet lined with cash to buffer the recession, but I’m wondering a few things.  According to the World Bank’s unified average daily purchasing power standard, 16.6% of Chinese are living on under 1 dollar a day and 46.7% under 2 dollars in 2005.

Global Voices Online article “The U.S. society structure is like a olive that the country is formed by 10% rich people, 80% middle class and 10% poor people while China’s society is like a triangle that 20% people hold the 80% treasure of the whole country and the left 80% people just have 20% of the nation’s treasure.”

Now that the global economy is looking worse, people are looking to China to make things smoother since China has cash in the bank and other countries are in deficit.  They want China to spend more, but, Chinas policies are not about helping the world, they usually are about selling to the world and buying in China as much as possible.

What worries me is that all the cash is controlled by the CCP and it’s gang.  With most of China’s population in relative poverty, will the CCP take “it’s” money and use it to buy ties with other cannibal governments and powerful people?  Or will it use the money to support China?  Well, why would it start supporting China now?  It’s focus is on bribing the middle class and supporting itself.  Like, if you want a piece of the CCP’s pie, you could do a sell all your morals gang for hire, where you could harvest organs of dissidents, beat regular people till they are hopeless, lie and make up nice believable lies for the CCP to present to the people, find new ways of keeping people down, like the great firewall etc.  If you build school s and hospitals or specialize in anything uplifting and healthy, well, you’ll have to wait until a change of government in China.

I can’t believe that people are expecting China to buffer the recession, it’s ridiculous.  The only reason China has cash in the bank is because it is governed poorly and consistently exploits the poor, squeezing them dry, and squeezing the country’s resources dry.  So when the world asks China to buffer the recession, it is spitting in the faces of the Chinese people who have been pillaged by the CCP, why doesn’t the world say anything when the Chinese people don’t see any benefit from the pocket full of cash? the CCP doesn’t care about the people so it will probably continue making deals that benefit itself and disregard it’s civic duty.


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