No More Chinese Communist Party

October 29, 2008

CCP robs the Chinese people, sucking their blood while keeping them down.

China has about 16 times more people than Germany and about the same GDP.  So for China to come close to Germany in per capita income, China’s GDP would have to be 16 times bigger.

Taiwan has a per capita GDP about 8 times higher than China.

Why does everyone clamour so much for money from a dictatorship whose GDP is not nearly sufficient to feed it’s own population?  Because the cash is cetralized. If China’s wealth was earned and distributed fairly (I don’t mean like communism), people would not be so greedy over China, they are all in heat over the fact that the CCP is raking up the cash into one big pile that it and it’s gang control.

When people go gaga over China’s progress they are totally blinding themselves to the most of the country’s people and issues and are only looking at the small world put together by the government.  The China that has money is more like a corporation within China that consists of crooks and slave drivers.  The regular normal people in China are taken advantage of and are dealt a raw deal for sure.


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