No More Chinese Communist Party

October 3, 2008

Another perfect illustration of my point: religious leaders in China are totally corrupt politicians posing as religious people

Is it possible that the Guardian will totally bust up this phenomenon once and for all?  It is absolutely necessary that we clear this up.  You see a monk in robes, or an Imam in a mosque saying that he loves the CCPs religious repression, and you think, hm, maybe it’s just a few ‘splittists’ in Tibet, or ‘terrorists’ in Xinjiang making trouble.  But it’s a constructed lie, and it can easily be busted up, trouble is I think people can’t fathom that this situation is as sci-phi as it is, they don’t think the CCP could be THAT totally extreme…

The Dalai Lama wants to talk to the CCP officials and get Tibet more freedoms and autonomy.  But Tibetans wants equality with Hans, they want religious freedom, they want to be free to express their faith and thoughts.  They don’t want their culture destroyed by the money worshipping Hans who are being shpped into the region by the thousands.

But can the CCP go against it’s own mandate?  Can the CCP abide by any form of justice?  NO WAY!  The CCP has contrived a plan of survival for itself very carefully (stupid idiotic plan).  it’s plan involves no less than destroying culture and turning peoples minds totally to money so that they don’t care about human rights and so thay dont ask questions and protest injustice when the CCP goes on killing sprees and such.

The CCP knows that the Tibetan people will not sell their souls, until they sell their souls, lie to themselves for money and accept moral corruption as the rule of law, then the CCP would prefer to keep Tibet as a scapegoat region, a region of people to persecute and blame, to demonize and channel the Chinese people feelings towards, to use the region to create false news for the Chinese people, to bolster nationalism by calling Tibetans ‘splittists’ and linking nationalism to the party.

The only benefit to the Dalai lama’s talks with the CCP is that it further exposes the CCP’s inability to act normal, they are just playing games with him, lying and stringing him along because they know that freedom equals justice and justice is the opposite of the CCPs plan of staying in power.

See this video and watch the Tibetan CCP rep tell you how happy the Tibetans are, and see how scared they actually are. So mad.


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  1. Tibetan Handicrafts…

    Unbelievable, thanks you for sharing this….

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