No More Chinese Communist Party

September 29, 2008

Good site for information on history of communist killing etc.

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Came upon an eccentric and well informed site about democide, communism, north Korea etc.  Fun to navigate.  Here is a chart which I think is an underestimation of how many people have been killed by the CCP, in any case the number is a lot and for me the real catch is the fact that the people killed were mainly murdered due to communist ideologies gone mad.  This category would include evil policies like the great leap forward, to the constant cycles of terrorism carried out to keep thoughts in line, to keep people under the control of the communist party.  Wasn’t communism supposed to be supported by the people?  Well, it sure isn’t, it is the slavedriver ( the mental abuser, the liar) of the people, and it has a system whereby it keeps enough people fat so that it has it’s supporters who benefit from the total corruption.  How long can they keep this up?

Quote from this site: “As an atheist, I am completely on the side of the religious in their war on communism. Communism is an ultra-violent, irrational, barbarous state religion. No evidence supports its major claims. Indeed, they have all been proved wrong by history. Because no evidence supports their faith, the communist state attacks freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Apart from their brutality, torture and murder, it is the cowardice that is so striking. The communists know that their own stupid, ignorant ideas could not survive if people were free to discuss them.”


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  1. That’s a fine site you found there. But the figures in the chart, for China, do appear to be an underestimation, as you say. I am not a historian, but have read a great deal about this, after the publication of ‘Mao, The Unknown Story’ and the ensuing brawl.

    Conservative estimates vary, but go up to about 50,000,000 plus. Others, however, estimate in excess of 70 million, which would be more than the number of victims of Hitler and Stalin combined!

    The name of Prof. R.J.Rummel comes to mind. His website,
    is referenced on you linked to, and worth visiting. Rummel’s revised figure BTW is 76,702,000.

    I’d wrap it up with what, to me, is a signature theme of his site:

    Pray tell, my brother,
    Why do dictators kill
    and make war?
    Is it for glory; for things,
    for beliefs, for hatred,
    for power?
    Yes, but more,
    because they can.

    Comment by Neddy — October 1, 2008 @ 4:07 am | Reply

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