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September 29, 2008

Religeous freedom in China? Some say YES, some say NO.

Definitely two distinct sides to this story.  That shows that this is very touchy in China.  Could it be that there is no religious freedom but that the government is so desperate to portray freedom that it lies through it’s teeth?

All that was left on the chin of the Muslim man praying at the huge brownstone mosque was a small patch of stubble. He said officials had forced young men in China’s far western Xinjiang region to cut off their beards at the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

“If I didn’t shave, they would do this to me,” said the man, who put his wrists together as if handcuffed, his eyes bulging with anger. “If I say more, I could be arrested.”

He gave only part of his name, Arem, and stomped away.

For Muslims, Ramadan is a time of fasting and prayer. But for China’s Muslim ethnic Uighurs, the holy month is also full of fear and seething resentment about increasingly tight restrictions on how they practice their moderate form of Islam, influenced by the Sunni and Sufi sects.

Managing the restive Turkic people is developing into one of China’s biggest challenges. Like the Tibetans, the Uighurs have been unwilling to buy into the government’s plan: greater economic prosperity instead of greater religious freedom or autonomy.AP

The Chinese constitution guarantees this type of freedom among other freedoms that are absolutely trampled under the CCP.  They always create loopholes through ridiculous policies and repress people under the banner of creating a harmonious society and other nonsense.

For example, There are Muslim people in Xinjiang and a lot of them do not like the CCP and are rebellious and the situation is like in Tibet with total disharmony, state terrorism, censorship and cultural genocide. Sound familiar?: One Uighur businessman named Mattursun praying at a mosque in Yarkent said he despised the Han Chinese. “They no longer really believe in Marxism or communism,” the man said. “All they believe in is money. Money is their god.”

The government insists most Uighurs are happy because, like the rest of the country, Xinjiang is becoming more prosperous. In recent years, highways, airports and rail lines, schools, hospitals and even mosques have been built. The government has high hopes for deposits of oil, natural gas and minerals. Slogans on billboards and walls across Xinjiang tell people that social harmony and unity equal prosperity.

But many Uighurs aren’t biting. They think the region is being colonized by Han Chinese, who have flooded into the territory in recent years.AP

I think the reason why the CCP can not bring itsself to really allow freedom of thought and belief and religion is because they feel moral authority and they fear doctrines that might not coincide with the corruption that the party feeds off of…  In any case they are very paranoid.

I am not for religious extremism of any kind and I think all criminals should be tried, but the point is belief is not a crime just because the communist party fears it.  The loopholes in the constitution can protect the CCP from all it’s fears, totally disregarding justice and truth.

So why do many Chinese believe that there is freedom of thought in China?: With officials at his side, he young imam stood amid a patchwork of ornate rugs in the high-ceilinged Ake Mosque, the county’s biggest. “I am extremely pleased with the religious policy of the (Communist) Party and the government,” Rehemutula said in a monotone voice and unfocused gaze, before ending the five-minute meeting to go to pray. During the brief interview, he glanced at his wristwatch several times.

Imams must study at state-sanctioned schools and answer to government officials, who have sacked those deemed unreliable or too outspoken.

“The imams get paid by the government and they help inform on us. We don’t trust them,” said Mamat, a recent college graduate looking for work in the ancient Silk Road city of Kashgar in western Xinjiang. Like others quoted in this story, Mamat asked that his full name not be printed for fear of being detained for speaking to a journalist.AP

This particular peice is a hot document that illustrates perfectly what I mean.  The US releases a report on human rights and freedoms and noted China to be of particular concer. So the CCP and it’s cohorts got a meeting together for propaganda purposesto rebuke this statement.  And whata coincidence, all of the leaders of the state sanctionned religious institutions at the meeting stated that they absolutely disagreed that there was religious repression in China.  In China though the leaders of religions have had to sell their souls to the CCP, they must comprimise anything to suit the party and they must study CCP propaganda and obey and comply no matter how low down.  They are used as puppets, weapons to hide the true situation. All you have to do is read the first line and you know theres something wrong: Chinese (so called) Religious Leaders and (so called) Human Rights Experts on US Religious Freedom Report

This meeting is just a big staged conference to make it look like they are doing the right thing in persecuting Falun Gong, that they are not repressing Tibetans etc. They aslo use the excuse that the US has no evidence, of course there is evidence but the CCP uses all the countries reseources and protects with it’s live this evidence, they kill the witnesses, sell their vital organs and burn the remaining corpse, or they make people so afraid that no one will talk.


Good site for information on history of communist killing etc.

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Came upon an eccentric and well informed site about democide, communism, north Korea etc.  Fun to navigate.  Here is a chart which I think is an underestimation of how many people have been killed by the CCP, in any case the number is a lot and for me the real catch is the fact that the people killed were mainly murdered due to communist ideologies gone mad.  This category would include evil policies like the great leap forward, to the constant cycles of terrorism carried out to keep thoughts in line, to keep people under the control of the communist party.  Wasn’t communism supposed to be supported by the people?  Well, it sure isn’t, it is the slavedriver ( the mental abuser, the liar) of the people, and it has a system whereby it keeps enough people fat so that it has it’s supporters who benefit from the total corruption.  How long can they keep this up?

Quote from this site: “As an atheist, I am completely on the side of the religious in their war on communism. Communism is an ultra-violent, irrational, barbarous state religion. No evidence supports its major claims. Indeed, they have all been proved wrong by history. Because no evidence supports their faith, the communist state attacks freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Apart from their brutality, torture and murder, it is the cowardice that is so striking. The communists know that their own stupid, ignorant ideas could not survive if people were free to discuss them.”