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August 30, 2008

North Korea intends to resume its development of nuclear warheads

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(AsiaYimesOnline) If North Korea wants to draw attention as a wild card, it’s going to have to come up with something more sensational than a mere decision to stop doing whatever it was – or wasn’t doing – about disabling its nukes. If there’s one legacy Bush doesn’t need, it’s that of the president who caved in to North Korea’s terrorist threats.

North Korea’s ‘leadership’ is doing this to protect it’s hold on the false reality it has created in North Korea which sustains it’s hold on North Korea’s resources.  The leaders want all the money for their luxury and they want power. So they control everything in peoples lives so that people in that country believe that other countries are against them and that they have to be secluded and ‘defensive’ but in actuality it is NK that is threatening the others, so the North koreans perceive what the leadership is doing as the right defensive moves since they are totally brainwashed (many know something is up but or course they CAN’T SPEAK since there is the constant threat of torture and murder by the party). 

Who will tell the truth to the North Koreans?  Who will care about this horrible situation?  Will anyone challenge the NK leadership when they are always threatening?

China has more resources, so the difference between NK and China is that the CCP can BUY off the international community with the seconday element of their vast fighting capability.  NK can’t buy anyone so they stay closed up and build nukes.  Disgusting. Both of them.

This research could be useful on the subject but I haven’t read through it all.



  1. these all the comments posted against north korea is fake and biased just because the person who posted this does’t like communism.without seeing anything, this has been posted. this is just a ”praying of a rising sun”.
    this is vile.
    the other parties also are responsible for the crisis in the korean peninsula.why the south korea and japan didi not fulfil their comitment of shipping aid to the north in exchange of denuclearisation?
    in the posting above there is a partiality .next time i’ll comment more.

    Comment by hell — December 11, 2010 @ 10:10 am | Reply

  2. I can not beleive that the greatest nation has stopped the nuke program. All the counties that we need to be aware of ( sendinig nuke rockets over here) they are still upgradinig theirs, and our gov’t wants all to stop with the nuke program,do not think they will an they said they will not. We have a nuke system that is so out dated that if something did happen, we would most likely be in a world of trouble. Why is this Gov’t we have here so dumb that we are put in this position? Seems to me , our politians just want to not even think about it and maybe it will all go away. What a cop out. And they just want to get richer and stop Medicare?, GOD help us.

    Comment by rick — May 25, 2011 @ 1:16 pm | Reply

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