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August 22, 2008

My Short Ananlysis of the Fifty Cent Gang’s Internet Propaganda Campaign

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An Open Letter to International Journalists Currently in China

on with my analysis…

I don’t have much time for this today, but a comment on TIME China Blog makes for good analysis material.  My last post was about how some brainwashed Chinese people have very warped and illogical mentalities when it comes to supporting and defending the authoritarian regime.  This has all spawned and evolved from propaganda planned and executed by the party through various means including the ‘ fifty cent gang ‘ ( people who are paid 50 c per comment on blogs and internet sites to write comments defending and supporting the CCP) There are many ‘professions’ in the CCP that are for propaganda and brainwashing including ‘United Front Work’ spies all over the world spreading support for that regime.

So here is just a minor analysis of one of these kinds of comments (for the blog post the comment is directed at…:

Well, I was kinda happy when seeing someone from Time magazine writing something about the history of China, but I couldn’t keep smiling (very cocky, if it makes you smile so much then why are you complaining?) after I read the article.
I am not saying that what you are writing is not true (then what’s to complain about?) , but I can’t stop wondering what is the motivation (maybe some kind of conspiracy?  No chance it could be because the person is actually thinks the issue is cause for concern, an important issue, an interesting topic?  Not all media is the CCP where they put stuff out with a definite plan for mind control) of writing such an article comparing things happen today with something happened decades ago.(What’s the problem with doing that?  The regime in China is still bent on control and it is still anti human rights, propaganda, lying, torture and killing. The surface has changed a bit but the problem is the same.)
I guess this maybe explains quite a bit about how the western media think about/look at China.
From the author’s background, you would imaging that he knows quite well with China (in the beginning you said that what the author said was not untrue, so does he or does he not know about China), but when reading his article, you don’t see any difference between him and those new anchors who has never been in China ( you don’t have to go to China to know about China. We have ways of learning just like how you can learn history without being there or you can understand a concept. Nobody is saying that Chinese people aren’t very friendly or that the cities aren’t super developed but what stuff is in this blog post, I KNOW you cannot express these things in China, so China is not really a good place to learn about these things, if you want to know about these things, you need to LEAVE China to get the info and have personal safety)
Let me get this straight, it is true that the Chinese people could use a little bit more freedom and democracy (a little more?  Shows how much this commentor cares about the issue.  Unless you think something not allowed, you will think that you are free.  As soon as think a forbidden though, maybe about justice, human rights and the environment, you will know you NEED more freedom), but the western media should also start to realize the fact that the people of China are quite happy about the progress of their government made in the past 30 years.(change happy for brainwashed and you would be right.  They are receiving false info all the time, they do not know the gross injustices, atrocities, that the CCP commits, so yeah, maybe some are happy, but do they know how many of their countrymen are tortured, who are treated horribly?, no, they don’t know and that is wrong.) You also need to understand that the thousands of years of history in China has proved that if you want to replace a government in China, a civil war is inevitable. (you cannot say that absolutely, a lot of people are withdrawing from the CCP, if the peopel in the PLA withdraw from the CCP, who will crush dissent?  But this can only happen if people can receive information, which is what you are attempting to prevent if you are a 50 c worker.  Also, if you really wanted to avoid problems you would stand up, because the CCP has done so much bad and you just tolerate it because you are afraid of feeling uncomfortable, think about others.) Most of the people in China understand this, so they would rather to see their government keep improve instead of throw out everything they have right now and get a complete new government.( they do not have the accurate info, they are fed a bunch of propaganda, and they dont know about the people suffering so much, if they Do know, shame on them.  Those who are actually happy with CCP are not the majority, but if you are working for fifty cents, then you want people to think that the people of China like the party.)
You know, it may be a good idea to draw attentions by writing such an article to bash China and its government (wow, this commentor really can’t say it straight, it seems when he says ‘bashing China, he actually is not really thinking that it is a good idea.  Oh and don’t forget to fully take advantage of pretending that criticising public politics etc is the same as ‘bashing China’.  No one is saying ‘China’ is bad, people just criticise what they think is dangerous, cruel and wrong.), but you have to realize that at the same time what you’re doing also caused more conflict between the people in the U.S. and China.( oh and don’t forget to threaten the author by trying to make him feel he is causing soem problem by being critical, thats the best brainwashing, make the person feel the MORAL thin to do is to go against his conscience.  It is the new classic technique of the CCP to threaten anyone who brings up the TRUTH that it will damage China-said country/person relations, thats how they keep countries big companies in (party)line and it comes all the way down to personal threat.) It is never a good idea to have people in two different nations in the world to hate each other (so it is better to love the totalitarian dictatorship?  Or are you trying to say that the author hates regular Chinese people?  I criticise CCP cause I care, not cause I am irrational and hateful. To stay quiet against you conscience is to to be hateful and uncaring, to speak out is to do the right thing, so do not try to confound peoples morals, do NOT try to make people think that being critical is hatred, being critical is logical and caring, hatred is bad though and some people can get carried away when they criticize, but a guilty party is a guilty party, no one is hating regular innocent people).

This persons threats for damaged relations, calling critical thinking ‘hatred’, propagating that if you go to China, you will have MORE INFO??? and the like give him away as some kind of party hack.  What regular person could be so illogical?


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