No More Chinese Communist Party

August 16, 2008

I want to bust up a very ugly -DANGEROUS- problem, communist mind trickery, specially on the internet.

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How do you think communist party gets people to pay for the bullets that killed their family members?  How do they get dissidents to convert to commiethink in those brainwashing camps? How do they get the bulk of the nation to repeat propaganda?

This is a difficult topic, but, I can see this thing spreading and I want to share what I think in case it can help.

The main issue is the 50 cent gang (people who make money saying crap to defend the CCP online and probably in personal relations, certainly the Canadian Spy research department has found over 1,000 spies in Canada doing this type of communist united front work.  These people have to impose some party line things and they get their cash like that and others will fall for it.

Here’s a load of trouble to watch out for, don’t let the 50 cent gang make you think you are wrong to be critical and moral, they will try very hard to do that, to squash the spirit and confound the logic.

Associations:  democracy=chaos, Falun Gong=boxer rebellion, critical viewpoint=intentional interference with China’s success/jealousy, free expression=too much freedom, calling the air polluted=unpatriotic, China=communist party, Chinese people=victims of international bias, Free Tibet=separatism

Moral relativism, immorality:  no sense of right and wrong, two wrongs make a right, moral criticism is seen as attack and the person totally misses the moral point of the criticism, no sense of wanting to rectify any moral shortcoming but instead clinging to saving face,  moral criticism=thinking you are so great and showoff

Deflection of criticisms: criticism equals negative, criticism equals hatred, criticism equals not minding ones own business, criticism equals a plot to bring down China’s reputation for some reason, criticism equals political struggling and combat, acting like poor babies (instead of addressing issues they might call it racism, bias, right wing, anti-China to try to get you to subside and let them have their way).

The myth of change:  China is changing so much everyday, China needs time to change, we are so free, China has really improved…  A the same time they use ‘China is a developing country’ as an excuse for things like air pollution

Stay out of internal affairs:  They do not know that the CCP meddles everyday with the affairs of many countries, they do not consider that the situation of human rights is not just ‘political’ but humanitarian, they don’t seem to consider the people under persecution as people, but as mere parts in the machine that is China,

strange group motivation:  Many Chinese have a secret dream, a collective goal, many Chinese have a beautiful dream that is created from within the fake reality created under the CCP,  thinking that criticism of the party is criticism of Chinese people and collective defensiveness, group thinking that people and countries do not wish China success, frustration that people think they are brainwashed, powerless to change things and therefore using the excuse that time is needed for change,

you have to go to China to know about China:  WOuldn’t the opposite be true since China is run by a totalitarian information system?  Do you have to go to the sun to know that it’s hot?  Can you investigate organ harvesting and crimes against dissident thought in China?  You want to know if China is free, go and hold up a banner to express your sense of justice, see how long you will still be in China.  Foreigners are just lucky that they will get sent out of the country and not tortured like Chinese.

you don’t understand China:  explain it then.  SOme would want people to ‘understand’ it the way the propaganda dept. would put it, they would have use look at only the positive sides and ignore the brutal horrors just so some people who commit atrocities can save face, evade justice and carry on raping the nation.  What should we understand, that Chinese people are perfect, that you really have no flaws and that human rights is not a concept shared by Chinese people, that torture is actually good to do to INNOCENT dissidents, that moral relativism is cool???

Well this could go on and on, I’m sure that the Code of Propaganda Brainwashing has a lot more moves than I have described.

I’d also like to point out that there is another set of bull crap like this that applies to suck up countries, media and corporations with regard to China co. ie ex: Media will say they are ‘objective’ but what they really mean is that they are AMORAL, like the IOC, they say the Olympics is a big success because it is functioning well physically and they pretend that life is just a material function.  All journalists who are AMORAL under the banner of being objective are big losers I think, and I say that objectively, morally.

Inside China’s brainwashing gulag


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