No More Chinese Communist Party

August 10, 2008

If you think this article is wrong, you are fooled.

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Some would say I am the one who is fooled and that the CCP is really much better than….  But I don’t live in a country where people who criticize the government are subjected to torture and murder, so there is a lot more balance in peoples views of the government in my country.  In China, unless you are very determined to find something out, you will be subject to propaganda news and it’s all cooked up by a party who will easily kill to keep it’s false identity prevailing over China.  One World One Nightmare is a video which tells the other side to the false glory that the CCP is trying to show through the Olympics game (the Olympics is just a country corporation marketing tool especially thanks to that Roggue guy who seems to be just a walking dollar sign)
I recommend reading this whole article. WELCOME to the Berlin Olympics Mark II. Anyone possessed of historical awareness must have recognised the acute sense of déjà vu attending Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing. The massed performers, the visually impressive tableaux executed by well-drilled automata, the glorification of nation, state and leadership – this was Berlin 1936 revisited.

Whence comes the compulsion to appease totalitarian regimes on sporting occasions? Do we imagine the atmosphere of good fellowship will soften the sinews of genocide, instead of according false credibility and reinforcing the arrogance of dictators?

The reality behind Britain’s supine appeasement is that our trade and investment in China amount to billions of pounds. Nobody wants to scrutinise this teeming market too closely as regards human rights: avert your gaze and praise the fireworks. Some seek to anaesthetise conscience by claiming the regime is now benevolent. That was the line peddled by Wang Wei, secretary general of the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee when he lobbied the gullible West: “We are confident that the Games coming to China not only promotes our economy but also enhances all social conditions, including education, health and human rights.”


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