No More Chinese Communist Party

August 3, 2008

Israeli Rabbinical Council Finds Chinese Regime Liable for Falun Gong Deaths

I am just putting this up because a lot of people choose not to believe that Falun Gong is actually under brutal persecution by the CCP.  It makes me feel sad because it seems like “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”, I mean, people who believe that it is not real are falling in line with the persecutors wishes.  I think there is so much evidence that the persecution against Falun Gong is vast and severe and I think that the ‘evidence’ given by the nationalists, fifty cent workers, party shills and other people who are under any influence from Xinhua and other communist party propaganda definitely should not be easily accepted without a lot of research. There is so much to risk by letting this issue go by unnoticed, people are being SYSTEMATICALLY TORTURED, MURDERED, FORCED LABOUR, FORCEFULLY BRAINWASHED etc etc, so many innocent lives ruinned by the whim of a power mongering gang.

so I am happy that this special Israeli rabbinical council has taken it onto their shoulders to investigate this atrocity, even though most organizations are too corrupt to help in society.

“On the basis of the accumulation of the various testimonies and indirect evidence, the International Court of the Nascent Sanhedrin, came to the conclusion that there were unnumbered cases of killing of innocent Falun Gong practitioners [by agents of the Chinese government], perhaps also out of consideration of material benefits derived from organ harvesting,” said the court in a decision dated July 15, 2008.

“If the human rights issues are not addressed before the Olympic Games begin, we consider participation in them by athletes and by spectators and political leaders to be an indirect danger to world peace,” it further stated.


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