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August 3, 2008

Dear Diary: Hu Jintao (National Post)

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Hah, this is funny. Wow, I didn’t think the National Post had the balls to make fun of Hu Jintao. I don’t like the fact that they also make fun of other people who are in a whole other category. I mean, you don’t tease Angelina Jolie and criticize a mass murderer in the same page, but anyway, it’s still funny. Although frankly, it’s not really that funny is it.

This morning Antelope brought me a report on the current state of the Internet, and it is encouraging. He tells me that the legal Internet consists of 26 Web pages, 25 of which originate in the Chinese government, plus a delightfully irreverent global news service called The rest, such as, is illegal splittist propaganda, which is automatically directed to the People’s Recycle Bin. Antelope gave me a demonstration. He went to and typed in “Dalai clique.”

“Did you mean ‘terrorist group’?” the computer asked.

“Antelope, that is wonderful!” I exclaimed. “Try another one, how about ‘smog pollution.’ ”

“Did you mean ‘smug Westerners’?” the computer asked.

I slapped Antelope on the back and poured us a whisky. “Excellent!” I said. “Who needs Xinhua when you’ve got Google?”


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