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August 30, 2008

North Korea intends to resume its development of nuclear warheads

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(AsiaYimesOnline) If North Korea wants to draw attention as a wild card, it’s going to have to come up with something more sensational than a mere decision to stop doing whatever it was – or wasn’t doing – about disabling its nukes. If there’s one legacy Bush doesn’t need, it’s that of the president who caved in to North Korea’s terrorist threats.

North Korea’s ‘leadership’ is doing this to protect it’s hold on the false reality it has created in North Korea which sustains it’s hold on North Korea’s resources.  The leaders want all the money for their luxury and they want power. So they control everything in peoples lives so that people in that country believe that other countries are against them and that they have to be secluded and ‘defensive’ but in actuality it is NK that is threatening the others, so the North koreans perceive what the leadership is doing as the right defensive moves since they are totally brainwashed (many know something is up but or course they CAN’T SPEAK since there is the constant threat of torture and murder by the party). 

Who will tell the truth to the North Koreans?  Who will care about this horrible situation?  Will anyone challenge the NK leadership when they are always threatening?

China has more resources, so the difference between NK and China is that the CCP can BUY off the international community with the seconday element of their vast fighting capability.  NK can’t buy anyone so they stay closed up and build nukes.  Disgusting. Both of them.

This research could be useful on the subject but I haven’t read through it all.


August 25, 2008

CNN Facing Disgrace, Busted Badly by John Kusumi

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John Kusumi has written several really hard hitting articles like this one.  He is definitely on the short list of everyday people who really act on their consciences and speak out in truth.  I think everyone has this potential to effect things that matter.  I think that the China issue, especially the issue of organ harvesting and the apathy that shadows it is HUGE and important.  How can people let this happen?  How can people accept the possibility without investigating?  How can we fall for the communist party’s propaganda line just because of economic ties?  In the long run, this unresolved atrocity and all it’s facets and corroborators will only be a shame, a scar and won’t the people who support evil and mass ignorance be tried in the court of law?


And at CNN? The release of the Kilgour-Matas report did not cause a ripple. The point being that Kilgour and Matas got the story, and CNN didn’t. For that matter, the American public was kept in the dark for the next two years.

Far from discredited, there is more to this story. Kilgour and Matas came out with a second edition of their report in January, 2007. And now, on August 22, 2008, they have come out with more highly damning evidence. What they have now is a video admission from Dr. Lu Guoping combined with a prior audio recording from the same doctor.

In the audio, the doctor admits that he and his colleagues went to prison to select Falun Gong practitioners for involuntary organ donations to be used in transplants. In the video, the doctor admits that he was the person interviewed in the audio recording.

The audio is part of a series of recordings, taken by investigators for Kilgour and Matas. They called hospitals throughout China, posing as relatives of patients who needed transplants. They asked the hospitals if they had organs from Falun Gong practitioners for transplant. The callers got recorded admissions throughout China that hospitals did have Falun Gong organs for sale.

The video is a documentary by Phoenix TV. Kilgour and Matas also note, “The video is being distributed by Chinese embassies and consulates; its authenticity is therefore endorsed by the Chinese government.”

The audio and video, taken together are “an undeniable, inculpatory admission of the harvesting of Falun Gong practitioner prisoners for profit,” according to the investigators.

These investigators hardly needed one more nail in the coffin, but they got it. We may consider it that the Chinese government is “busted” for the practice of Falun Gong organ harvesting.

And, who else is busted is CNN. Yes, Virginia, CNN had this story on April 21, 2006. If the story were well exposed, it would lead to the international community taking action to stop what is akin to a holocaust in progress. (The world swore, “Never again” after the Nazi holocaust….)

Rather than expose the story, CNN left space for the Chinese government to add two more years of killing into the record of history. When my book comes

out, the ink will be dry on a true-life, morally reprehensible drama that matches my thesis-genocidal correctness-to a tee.

I take no pleasure in saying “I told you so,” but how

well did I hit the mark? Yes in fact, they have been bent, craven, depraved, self-serving, shortsighted, and genocidally correct. And that’s only in the United States. In China, it’s been deadly. At many news outlets beyond CNN, there is a person who has had the job to circular file, or bury, story after story after story from the Falun Gong persecution. If this were the America of the 1990s, they would never have “just let go” the Falun Gong crackdown. But more recently, genocidal correctness became their M.O.; their standard procedure; business as usual in America’s hideous newsrooms. read all.

August 22, 2008

My Short Ananlysis of the Fifty Cent Gang’s Internet Propaganda Campaign

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An Open Letter to International Journalists Currently in China

on with my analysis…

I don’t have much time for this today, but a comment on TIME China Blog makes for good analysis material.  My last post was about how some brainwashed Chinese people have very warped and illogical mentalities when it comes to supporting and defending the authoritarian regime.  This has all spawned and evolved from propaganda planned and executed by the party through various means including the ‘ fifty cent gang ‘ ( people who are paid 50 c per comment on blogs and internet sites to write comments defending and supporting the CCP) There are many ‘professions’ in the CCP that are for propaganda and brainwashing including ‘United Front Work’ spies all over the world spreading support for that regime.

So here is just a minor analysis of one of these kinds of comments (for the blog post the comment is directed at…:

Well, I was kinda happy when seeing someone from Time magazine writing something about the history of China, but I couldn’t keep smiling (very cocky, if it makes you smile so much then why are you complaining?) after I read the article.
I am not saying that what you are writing is not true (then what’s to complain about?) , but I can’t stop wondering what is the motivation (maybe some kind of conspiracy?  No chance it could be because the person is actually thinks the issue is cause for concern, an important issue, an interesting topic?  Not all media is the CCP where they put stuff out with a definite plan for mind control) of writing such an article comparing things happen today with something happened decades ago.(What’s the problem with doing that?  The regime in China is still bent on control and it is still anti human rights, propaganda, lying, torture and killing. The surface has changed a bit but the problem is the same.)
I guess this maybe explains quite a bit about how the western media think about/look at China.
From the author’s background, you would imaging that he knows quite well with China (in the beginning you said that what the author said was not untrue, so does he or does he not know about China), but when reading his article, you don’t see any difference between him and those new anchors who has never been in China ( you don’t have to go to China to know about China. We have ways of learning just like how you can learn history without being there or you can understand a concept. Nobody is saying that Chinese people aren’t very friendly or that the cities aren’t super developed but what stuff is in this blog post, I KNOW you cannot express these things in China, so China is not really a good place to learn about these things, if you want to know about these things, you need to LEAVE China to get the info and have personal safety)
Let me get this straight, it is true that the Chinese people could use a little bit more freedom and democracy (a little more?  Shows how much this commentor cares about the issue.  Unless you think something not allowed, you will think that you are free.  As soon as think a forbidden though, maybe about justice, human rights and the environment, you will know you NEED more freedom), but the western media should also start to realize the fact that the people of China are quite happy about the progress of their government made in the past 30 years.(change happy for brainwashed and you would be right.  They are receiving false info all the time, they do not know the gross injustices, atrocities, that the CCP commits, so yeah, maybe some are happy, but do they know how many of their countrymen are tortured, who are treated horribly?, no, they don’t know and that is wrong.) You also need to understand that the thousands of years of history in China has proved that if you want to replace a government in China, a civil war is inevitable. (you cannot say that absolutely, a lot of people are withdrawing from the CCP, if the peopel in the PLA withdraw from the CCP, who will crush dissent?  But this can only happen if people can receive information, which is what you are attempting to prevent if you are a 50 c worker.  Also, if you really wanted to avoid problems you would stand up, because the CCP has done so much bad and you just tolerate it because you are afraid of feeling uncomfortable, think about others.) Most of the people in China understand this, so they would rather to see their government keep improve instead of throw out everything they have right now and get a complete new government.( they do not have the accurate info, they are fed a bunch of propaganda, and they dont know about the people suffering so much, if they Do know, shame on them.  Those who are actually happy with CCP are not the majority, but if you are working for fifty cents, then you want people to think that the people of China like the party.)
You know, it may be a good idea to draw attentions by writing such an article to bash China and its government (wow, this commentor really can’t say it straight, it seems when he says ‘bashing China, he actually is not really thinking that it is a good idea.  Oh and don’t forget to fully take advantage of pretending that criticising public politics etc is the same as ‘bashing China’.  No one is saying ‘China’ is bad, people just criticise what they think is dangerous, cruel and wrong.), but you have to realize that at the same time what you’re doing also caused more conflict between the people in the U.S. and China.( oh and don’t forget to threaten the author by trying to make him feel he is causing soem problem by being critical, thats the best brainwashing, make the person feel the MORAL thin to do is to go against his conscience.  It is the new classic technique of the CCP to threaten anyone who brings up the TRUTH that it will damage China-said country/person relations, thats how they keep countries big companies in (party)line and it comes all the way down to personal threat.) It is never a good idea to have people in two different nations in the world to hate each other (so it is better to love the totalitarian dictatorship?  Or are you trying to say that the author hates regular Chinese people?  I criticise CCP cause I care, not cause I am irrational and hateful. To stay quiet against you conscience is to to be hateful and uncaring, to speak out is to do the right thing, so do not try to confound peoples morals, do NOT try to make people think that being critical is hatred, being critical is logical and caring, hatred is bad though and some people can get carried away when they criticize, but a guilty party is a guilty party, no one is hating regular innocent people).

This persons threats for damaged relations, calling critical thinking ‘hatred’, propagating that if you go to China, you will have MORE INFO??? and the like give him away as some kind of party hack.  What regular person could be so illogical?

August 17, 2008

Good Job to Ai WeiWei for speaking frankly and being a good role model for the future people of China..

This article is from a surprising source, Ai Weiwei, co designer of the Beijing Olympic stadium.  I guess he is a public enough figure that he is not as afraid of crossing the line.  I find what he said it beautiful and simple.  People like that make me feel hopeful for China and happy that people are still minding the truth and how to really achieve the best future.

Here is Weiwei’s new post, “We are ready,” translated by CDT. :

We are ready.

After thirty years of opening and reform, now we have entered 2008. People have reason to be more cautious and anxious: How long can this old broken vehicle continue before it disintegrates? It is just a matter of time.

2007 was a year of strenuously defending rights. That year, there were ups and downs, and people got used to desperation and disillusionment, the incompetence of the regime and old lies. New wealth is shocking, but no one is interested in the nouveau riches. Wealth does not come from hard work, but from the myth of the mysterious order of “let some people get rich first” and not so glorious deals made in the dark.

Now the poor are even poorer; poverty without explanation. No one cares why there is such poverty. Prices are going up like crazy. The air and rivers are getting dirtier. Land is disappearing under our feet. These kinds of days are too short for some people, and too long for others. There are too many failed expectations and too much lost hope, too little persistence and forward thinking.

Thirty years after opening and reform, people cannot help but ask, what on earth has happened in these thirty years? What has not changed? Who is holding onto what? For what purpose? What kind of world is this? What kind of past did we have and what is the reality now? What kind of future are we walking towards?

The glorious and not so glorious reality is: Although our national economic strength has surpassed Germany’s and is only behind that of Japan and the US, in the last thirty years, there has been no real sense of political reform, no real elections, citizens’ rights have not been realized, there is no free speech or free press. What’s in the media is so far from reality, the government has no credibility, people have no faith, capital is being redistributed and power is being rearranged, national interests are being divided and sold out again and again.

An Olympics far from the will of the people and the spirit of freedom, a national ceremony without the inspiration of the citizenry, a myth so far away from modern civilization, the end result will be endless nonsense and a bore. The reason is simple: In this world no autocracy can pretend to be the joy of democracy, nor can it masquerade as harmony and happiness. No one can win the people’s support through deceit and betrayal.

One World” — What world? No democracy, no human rights, no justice or equality, only deceit and betrayal.
“One Dream” — What dream? More corrupt officials, more shady deals, continued lies and questionable prosperity.

Also, for a down-to-earth take on the Olympic tour through China, this professor gives us his opinion and that is a good sign that the Chinese people, after so many years of oppression, might be standing up.

Hu Yong: The “Sacred Flame” in China

August 16, 2008

I want to bust up a very ugly -DANGEROUS- problem, communist mind trickery, specially on the internet.

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How do you think communist party gets people to pay for the bullets that killed their family members?  How do they get dissidents to convert to commiethink in those brainwashing camps? How do they get the bulk of the nation to repeat propaganda?

This is a difficult topic, but, I can see this thing spreading and I want to share what I think in case it can help.

The main issue is the 50 cent gang (people who make money saying crap to defend the CCP online and probably in personal relations, certainly the Canadian Spy research department has found over 1,000 spies in Canada doing this type of communist united front work.  These people have to impose some party line things and they get their cash like that and others will fall for it.

Here’s a load of trouble to watch out for, don’t let the 50 cent gang make you think you are wrong to be critical and moral, they will try very hard to do that, to squash the spirit and confound the logic.

Associations:  democracy=chaos, Falun Gong=boxer rebellion, critical viewpoint=intentional interference with China’s success/jealousy, free expression=too much freedom, calling the air polluted=unpatriotic, China=communist party, Chinese people=victims of international bias, Free Tibet=separatism

Moral relativism, immorality:  no sense of right and wrong, two wrongs make a right, moral criticism is seen as attack and the person totally misses the moral point of the criticism, no sense of wanting to rectify any moral shortcoming but instead clinging to saving face,  moral criticism=thinking you are so great and showoff

Deflection of criticisms: criticism equals negative, criticism equals hatred, criticism equals not minding ones own business, criticism equals a plot to bring down China’s reputation for some reason, criticism equals political struggling and combat, acting like poor babies (instead of addressing issues they might call it racism, bias, right wing, anti-China to try to get you to subside and let them have their way).

The myth of change:  China is changing so much everyday, China needs time to change, we are so free, China has really improved…  A the same time they use ‘China is a developing country’ as an excuse for things like air pollution

Stay out of internal affairs:  They do not know that the CCP meddles everyday with the affairs of many countries, they do not consider that the situation of human rights is not just ‘political’ but humanitarian, they don’t seem to consider the people under persecution as people, but as mere parts in the machine that is China,

strange group motivation:  Many Chinese have a secret dream, a collective goal, many Chinese have a beautiful dream that is created from within the fake reality created under the CCP,  thinking that criticism of the party is criticism of Chinese people and collective defensiveness, group thinking that people and countries do not wish China success, frustration that people think they are brainwashed, powerless to change things and therefore using the excuse that time is needed for change,

you have to go to China to know about China:  WOuldn’t the opposite be true since China is run by a totalitarian information system?  Do you have to go to the sun to know that it’s hot?  Can you investigate organ harvesting and crimes against dissident thought in China?  You want to know if China is free, go and hold up a banner to express your sense of justice, see how long you will still be in China.  Foreigners are just lucky that they will get sent out of the country and not tortured like Chinese.

you don’t understand China:  explain it then.  SOme would want people to ‘understand’ it the way the propaganda dept. would put it, they would have use look at only the positive sides and ignore the brutal horrors just so some people who commit atrocities can save face, evade justice and carry on raping the nation.  What should we understand, that Chinese people are perfect, that you really have no flaws and that human rights is not a concept shared by Chinese people, that torture is actually good to do to INNOCENT dissidents, that moral relativism is cool???

Well this could go on and on, I’m sure that the Code of Propaganda Brainwashing has a lot more moves than I have described.

I’d also like to point out that there is another set of bull crap like this that applies to suck up countries, media and corporations with regard to China co. ie ex: Media will say they are ‘objective’ but what they really mean is that they are AMORAL, like the IOC, they say the Olympics is a big success because it is functioning well physically and they pretend that life is just a material function.  All journalists who are AMORAL under the banner of being objective are big losers I think, and I say that objectively, morally.

Inside China’s brainwashing gulag

August 10, 2008

If you think this article is wrong, you are fooled.

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Some would say I am the one who is fooled and that the CCP is really much better than….  But I don’t live in a country where people who criticize the government are subjected to torture and murder, so there is a lot more balance in peoples views of the government in my country.  In China, unless you are very determined to find something out, you will be subject to propaganda news and it’s all cooked up by a party who will easily kill to keep it’s false identity prevailing over China.  One World One Nightmare is a video which tells the other side to the false glory that the CCP is trying to show through the Olympics game (the Olympics is just a country corporation marketing tool especially thanks to that Roggue guy who seems to be just a walking dollar sign)
I recommend reading this whole article. WELCOME to the Berlin Olympics Mark II. Anyone possessed of historical awareness must have recognised the acute sense of déjà vu attending Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing. The massed performers, the visually impressive tableaux executed by well-drilled automata, the glorification of nation, state and leadership – this was Berlin 1936 revisited.

Whence comes the compulsion to appease totalitarian regimes on sporting occasions? Do we imagine the atmosphere of good fellowship will soften the sinews of genocide, instead of according false credibility and reinforcing the arrogance of dictators?

The reality behind Britain’s supine appeasement is that our trade and investment in China amount to billions of pounds. Nobody wants to scrutinise this teeming market too closely as regards human rights: avert your gaze and praise the fireworks. Some seek to anaesthetise conscience by claiming the regime is now benevolent. That was the line peddled by Wang Wei, secretary general of the Beijing Olympic Games Bid Committee when he lobbied the gullible West: “We are confident that the Games coming to China not only promotes our economy but also enhances all social conditions, including education, health and human rights.”

August 8, 2008

Some Canadian Politicians good, some bad, some desperate for Chinese money

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“I think everybody’s aware that there has been a bit of testiness in the Canada-China relationship in the last couple of years. There’s been some differences of view on human rights issues. Our government has been quite open about expressing those views.”

He said the two countries are now “engaging in ways that will enable us to continue to express our differences of view but assure that the relationship continue to get stronger.”

Emerson’s comments come as more than 80 world leaders and royals gather in Beijing for Friday’s opening ceremony, including U.S. President George W. Bush.

But noticeably absent from that crowd is Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who has insisted he would not attend because of a scheduling conflict.

He is among a very small group of world leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spain’s King Juan Carlos, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who will not attend the opening.

Emerson denied Harper was deliberately sending China a message. But then he raised the human rights issue again.

“I don’t think it is a snub at all,” he said. “I think Canada has been clear for as long as I have been in government that we would like to see democracy and human rights continue to strengthen in China.

Irwin Cotler is very sincere and caring, he really actually is cool and good. Mr. Emerson on the other hand is making me really sick. The desperation to exploit two different faces looking at China.  He seems that he really wants get the CCP dirty money, but he knows that it’s not kosher to just sell his soul, so he is playing both sides.  He is speaking about human rights while trying to appease the criminals.  Hopefully there is more to this than I am seeing.

August 3, 2008

Dear Diary: Hu Jintao (National Post)

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Hah, this is funny. Wow, I didn’t think the National Post had the balls to make fun of Hu Jintao. I don’t like the fact that they also make fun of other people who are in a whole other category. I mean, you don’t tease Angelina Jolie and criticize a mass murderer in the same page, but anyway, it’s still funny. Although frankly, it’s not really that funny is it.

This morning Antelope brought me a report on the current state of the Internet, and it is encouraging. He tells me that the legal Internet consists of 26 Web pages, 25 of which originate in the Chinese government, plus a delightfully irreverent global news service called The rest, such as, is illegal splittist propaganda, which is automatically directed to the People’s Recycle Bin. Antelope gave me a demonstration. He went to and typed in “Dalai clique.”

“Did you mean ‘terrorist group’?” the computer asked.

“Antelope, that is wonderful!” I exclaimed. “Try another one, how about ‘smog pollution.’ ”

“Did you mean ‘smug Westerners’?” the computer asked.

I slapped Antelope on the back and poured us a whisky. “Excellent!” I said. “Who needs Xinhua when you’ve got Google?”

Israeli Rabbinical Council Finds Chinese Regime Liable for Falun Gong Deaths

I am just putting this up because a lot of people choose not to believe that Falun Gong is actually under brutal persecution by the CCP.  It makes me feel sad because it seems like “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”, I mean, people who believe that it is not real are falling in line with the persecutors wishes.  I think there is so much evidence that the persecution against Falun Gong is vast and severe and I think that the ‘evidence’ given by the nationalists, fifty cent workers, party shills and other people who are under any influence from Xinhua and other communist party propaganda definitely should not be easily accepted without a lot of research. There is so much to risk by letting this issue go by unnoticed, people are being SYSTEMATICALLY TORTURED, MURDERED, FORCED LABOUR, FORCEFULLY BRAINWASHED etc etc, so many innocent lives ruinned by the whim of a power mongering gang.

so I am happy that this special Israeli rabbinical council has taken it onto their shoulders to investigate this atrocity, even though most organizations are too corrupt to help in society.

“On the basis of the accumulation of the various testimonies and indirect evidence, the International Court of the Nascent Sanhedrin, came to the conclusion that there were unnumbered cases of killing of innocent Falun Gong practitioners [by agents of the Chinese government], perhaps also out of consideration of material benefits derived from organ harvesting,” said the court in a decision dated July 15, 2008.

“If the human rights issues are not addressed before the Olympic Games begin, we consider participation in them by athletes and by spectators and political leaders to be an indirect danger to world peace,” it further stated.

August 1, 2008

What is the CCP MOST Desperate to Hide? We Need Brave and True Reporters to Tell the Truth

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Olympic Reporters’ Guide to Labor Camps Published

Booklet provides driving directions to notorious labor camps, urges
coverage of media taboo

Reuters – To help foreign reporters overcome the
Chinese government’s media censorship and shed light on closely shielded
rights violations
, the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong
(CIPFG) released today a detailed guide to detention facilities located within
miles of Olympic venues and known for their severe abuse of Falun Gong
prisoners of conscience.
The guide, entitled “Torture Outside the Olympic Village: A Guide to China’s
Labor Camps,” is available online here or PDF at: here

“Many of us have heard stories about China’s gulags, but when you discover how
close some of these hellholes are to Olympic venues, it’s sickening,
” says
Clive Ansley, China Monitor for Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada and North
American President of CIPFG.
The guide details seven detention facilities, in or near Beijing, Qingdao,
Shanghai, Tianjin, Qinhuangdao, and Shenyang, and includes:

–  Map: A map showing the location of the facility, the location of the
closest Olympic venue, and English-language directions to the camp
from the nearest airport and train station.
–  Description of facility: A photo, general description of the facility,
details of its prisoner population, overall conditions, and the name,
address and phone number (if available).
–  Products and show tours: Products known to have been manufactured at
the site
and details of prior show tours to the facility, when
–  Individual cases: Brief individual case summaries of current and
former prisoners of conscience, the abuse they have suffered in
custody, and whether they are available for interview.

“We hope this guide will draw international attention to the innocent
individuals held at these locations,” says Ansley. “It should particularly aid
journalists in investigating the plight of adherents of the Falun Gong, who
make up a huge percentage of labor camp detainees and have suffered a brutal
campaign of persecution for nine years.

Note on censorship: Contrary to promises of “complete freedom” for foreign
media, the Chinese authorities have blocked access to Falun Gong-related
websites from the Olympic Media Center in a deal struck with the International
Olympic Committee. To circumvent such censorship, CIPFG suggests the following
–  Request that colleagues outside China e-mail or fax a copy of the
guide to you inside China.
–  Use circumvention tools available at

to access the guide despite the censorship
-  Once you have obtained a copy, please re-post it on other websites,

blogs, etc. By creating multiple copies on the web, the Chinese
government’s blocking of the original becomes obsolete.

The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) was
established to unite international human rights organizations, legal experts,
medical institutions, NGOs and government representatives around the world to
participate in an independent investigation of the Chinese communist regime’s
imprisonment, torture, killing, and organ harvesting of Falun Gong
practitioners. Since August 2007, it has also sponsored the Human Rights Torch
Relay, a global grassroots campaign to raise awareness of, and stop, the
Chinese communist regime’s human rights crimes against all victimized groups
prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

SOURCE  Falun Dafa Association of Canada
or to schedule interviews with former prisoners of conscience, contact Clive
Ansley at (250) 334-3586, Susan Prager at (862) 668-6382 or e-mail

Police at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp electrically shocked Wang Yunjie�s breast, causing enormous tissue damage and subsequent infection. ( Photo) Article: China�s Forced Labor Camps Sexually Abuse Falun Gong Practitioners

On May 7, 2004, in the Longshan Forced Labor Camp, two policemen handcuffed Ms. Gao Rongrong to a heating pipe and shocked her with three electric batons for seven hours straight, burning her face to a crisp. This photo was taken 10 days later. Ms. Gao sent the picture to overseas websites. When the Communist regime found out, they put out an all points bulletin for her capture. They tortured Gao Rongrong to death on June 16, 2005.

Article: It’s a Matter of Conscience

Here is a blog that has a video and spot about North Korea, so glad that people like this guy
care about people.