No More Chinese Communist Party

July 28, 2008

Games won’t change China’s repressive ways

...according to many observers, the approach of the Games has brought out the worst in Beijing’s officials. Security officials have been busily rounding up what they consider to be the more troublesome dissidents and warning them to leave town until after the foreign hordes have left. They’ve also clamped down on visas, to keep international human-rights activists – or “foreign agitators,” if you prefer – from stirring things up.

Higher up the food chain, a little bullying seems to have made some world leaders reconsider their threats not to show up for the opening ceremonies. A “skip France” campaign, for example, which reduced Chinese visitors to that country to a trickle, might have had something to do with President Nicolas Sarkozy’s backing down on linking his attendance to improved human rights in Tibet.

The Games will, no doubt be dazzling – a tribute to the Chinese people if not to their regime. And Chinese athletes will probably do very well. Autocracies are often adept at producing squads of elite athletes in short order.

But don’t be fooled by the glitter. Despite its idealistic claims, the Olympics will come and go, leaving behind no visible mark on the shameful human-rights record that damages the world’s perception of China so severely and so persistently.

I really don’t have any blame for the athletes, they didn’t do this.  But no matter what people should not ignore the suffering people in China who under the threat of the CCP.  It’s really sick to see so many people selling out to that regime for money.  So more positive action and education is needed to make this better.

Amnesty China Olympics cartoon

Amnesty cartoon for human rights in China – ‘Badminton’


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