No More Chinese Communist Party

July 27, 2008

Beijing News accidentally publishes photo of their own bloody massacre which remains a secret from the masses to this day.

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1989, Here’s a decent video if you want more info on what happened at that time.  The newspaper somehow published a photo of bodies being carried away from the square.  The communist party had to dispatch people to go and round up all the copies of the paper, the photo caption didn’t even indicate what was the event.  I don’t think people in China would recognize it since it is not allowed, Westerners possibly know more about this event than Chinese.  Here’s the story from the China Media Project.


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  1. Censorship in all its forms, whether on the net or in a newspaper, enables Chinese authorities to hide its true human rights situation.

    Show your solidarity for Chinese bloggers who risk censure, arrest, torture and even imprisonment for peacefully expressing speaking out online.

    Join Amnesty International’s online Day of Protest. Check it out –

    Internet censorship helps the Chinese authorities to hide human rights abuses – like how much they use of the death penalty, torture and their persecution of human rights defenders.

    Comment by kim — July 28, 2008 @ 3:13 am | Reply

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