No More Chinese Communist Party

July 23, 2008

Is it just me or are some Chinese nationalists totally delusional?

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So the Tibetan poet is suing the regime? In a country with so many people, am I surprised that only very few have the courage to speak the truth?  Not really, because I know what punishments they are facing for all sorts of charges based on exposing the truth relating to the communist party.  It seems like there should be more varied opinions in Chinese society, but from the internet, you can’t access people’s innermost thoughts that they dare not express (specially with internet gestapo breathing don their necks).  I find things like this so pathetic. 2008 !China Stand Up! 2008,中国,站起来!. I don’t think it’s wrong for the people of China to love their country but this video really makes it seem like Chinese think the world is a homogenous lump that is conspiring against an innocent victim,China. †I think the person who made this video doesn’t understand that not every person is like George Bush. I think it is easier for some communist faithfuls to think that the human rights concerns about China are illegitimate. (after all, a lot of them are bought with CCP money and so are desperate to show their support and not face the facts) I also would love to think that China is innocent and that there is no vile unjust torture taking place under my nose, but how could I fool myself like that just to suit my fantasy?

If Chinese people do not address the media distortion and gross human rights atrocities committed by the current leaders of the CCP, then they will be forever delusional and pathetic, wishing that they are innocent victims, when really they are victims of media censorship and terrorist rule, formed as tools for a regime that is just laughing at them as they chant their slogans against the evil imperial forces †blah blah blah.

Also, they say ‘stand together, harmony, this and that’ but what does that even mean?  Does it mean justice?  Does it mean truth?  Does it mean dignity and rights?  Does it mean caring and kindness?  


Propaganda with Chinese characteristics.      

Or, does it just mean,’let’s all maintain the delusion, together we can enforce a collective interpretation of reality, let’s enjoy feeling like victims, blame tough times on foreign forces and use that as an excuse to feel more powerful and full of ourselves, let’s do whatever it takes to not look at anyones side of the story except what our CCP money leaders want us to think’



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