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July 23, 2008

A rare Tibetan critic sues China’s government

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AP…Woeser’s willingness to openly confront authorities makes her stand out. Most Tibetans are reluctant to do that, even more so than environmental and human rights activists. If they complain at all, they often do so in hushed tones and under the cloak of anonymity.

“When she first started to write about these things, I think everyone assumed that her position would be impossible to sustain. But she has never faltered. … The risks she took were off the chart,” he said, calling Woeser “a poet who forgot to be afraid.”

Her stance is not without cost: Her books are banned in China, and security agents watch her apartment. At one point, she was confined to house arrest. Authorities shut down three of her blogs.


When Woeser sent friends to make inquiries, police told them she posed a danger to state security, the reason often given for keeping dissidents in check.

Woeser dismisses the label.

“I’m an author who writes from home all the time. If I really am posing a threat to society, doesn’t it make the great country of China seem very weak?” she said with a laugh.



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