No More Chinese Communist Party

July 11, 2008

More on the CCP’s elaborate scheme of making critics out to be terrorists, thus inciting the masses to go against them.

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I highly recommend reading all of this report from Human Rights Watch, it is very useful to understand this more in depth.

This reminds me of the classic anecdote, a person who is on the edge of losing sanity has a demon who lies to him.  The demon has it’s own agenda and is using the person.  The demon is against some people and the person has some kind of edgy relationship and emotional problems.  The demon whispers in the persons ear, ‘they are against you, look, don’t you see, if you don’t get them, they will get you’.  Thus the demon is able to control this weak person because the weak person is far too susceptible.

What makes China a weak person?  Media censorship and a very unrealistic view of things due to government abuse of information, culture, ideology and injustice.  The abuse dealt by this party has made the people very weak and mentally unhealthy.  Why do the people accept this?  Because I guess they trade truth for money.

It’s like in that care bears movie where that demon was controlling that little girl and the reason it could control her to do bad things was because she was not able to resist it’s offer of making her better at sports than the other kids.  Classic.

Since in my previous post about the supposed Olympics Terror threat, I have needed to research the issue of Uighurs from Xinjiang.  The communist party has sighted terrorism as it’s biggest concern for the Olympics and it has sighted three groups which are it’s primary concerns:  Tibetans, Uighurs, and Falun Gong practitioners.  I have been researching China for a few years and I know that the CCP is totally killing and torturing Falun Gong people for no good reason at all and they hence lie about Falun Gong every second and use so much resources and tactics to hide this truth.  The situation with Tibet is similar, although unfortunately the Tibetans have committed some violence in the last year against some random Han people.  Falun Gong people never commit any violence although the CCP has staged an incident (video) made to make people think that Falun Gong people would burn themselves.  Now I have done a bit of research about the Uighur situation and realize that this is totally the same sort of thing again.  I am not saying that a few Uighur people have not committed some very retarded crimes, but the CCP has USED those crimes to propagandize the idea that they are TERRORISTS and to persecute them for thought crimes.

The fact is, people of all different types have grievances against the CCP, and they are for very valid reasons, but the people are NOT ALLOWED to mention these thoughts of injustice and abuse.  They are forced into repression and are basically jailed in China.  They have no channels to speak freely and that’s the way the party likes it.  The party has free reign over all media (even punishes people for singing or writing poetry about repression) and controls the masses of Chinese as well as western society to a certain extent to believe that the people critical of the party, or victims of the party who seek justice, are enemies of the people and so called terrorists.  As long as the media is closed, complacent, fearful, greedy, abides by the party line rather than principles and societies the world over are controlled by corrupt, spineless people, these lies will freely perpetuate and create a true, absolute mafia world.  This will only get better if people stop selling their souls for money, negotiations and diplomatic meetings will never make things right as long as money trumps values.  The CCP only has the world by the balls as long as we sell those balls to them for various forms of superficial ease.  One form of superficial ease would be to repeat the line that China is changing rather than going there to investigate crimes against humanity.

I would also add that the North Koreans would call this woman a terrorist (BBC) if they had to explain to anyone why they shot down this lady.  But North Korea stays isolated so that it doesn’t have to go to the lengths that China has gone to to play two faces and create a totally false reality in order to mingle with the world.  As long as they can control and maintain a false reality in their own country, that regime happy to skim what benefits they can from their own peoples backs.

The CCP is lying, it is not afraid of terrorism (they have killed 50-80 million Chinese people, and counting, over their despotic rule and continue to endorse infanticide etc etc so they really are not concerned for human lives), it is afraid of banners, people, and truth Most of all it is afraid of justice. It is very convenient to pretend that these things are actually terrorism, otherwise who would support the massive security effort?  If people wanted to attack China, they do not need the Olympics, the people who want to use the Olympics want the journalists to know what’s going on behind the iron curtain.


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