No More Chinese Communist Party

July 11, 2008

David Kilgour explains possible reasons why someone like Canada’s Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) would not have very deep knowledge of China

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I find it very interesting that Mr. Kilgour acknowledges that he had been to China several times on political business trips and remained ignorant of the harsh realities surrounding China.  This is important to recognize. Some remain ignorant on purpose and ignore the facts, but there are others who are just unaware and need to know more but don’t find out the relevant info because of widespread  corruption and greed from various walks of life.  When will people of influence realize that they have the power to make a big difference, for good, or bad?  Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Kilgour’s speech, TRUST THE PEOPLE OF CHINA, BUT NOT ITS PARTY-STATE

Carsten Holz, an academic economist who specializes in China, published an article on self-censorship several months ago. He noted, for example, that China experts often take at face value the country’s business laws without mentioning the dominant role of the Party. He adds: “At the national level, the leadership of the 50 largest state-owned enterprises-enterprises that invest around the world-is directly appointed by the Politburo.” Many studies have looked at reasons for the growing income inequality in China. Holz notes that among the 3,220 persons with a personal worth of $13 million equivalent or more in the country 2912 are children of high-level cadres.

China experts, Holz goes on, often speak of the Chinese “government” without further qualification, even when more than 95% of the “leadership cadres” are Party members. “Who questions the legitimacy of the Party leadership to rule China and to rule it the ways it does?” he asks. His conclusion is that many academics, researchers from private firms and from the World Bank and other international organizations normally will not speak candidly about China because their careers “depend on amicable co-operation with the Party.” Separating wheat from self-serving chaff in reports about China thus remains challenging, especially as the Beijing Olympiad nears.

The Party seeks to conflate itself with China as a country, to convince naive persons from within and without the country that it is China, and that without the Party there would be no China.

I had the chance to meet Mr. Kilgour when he came through my city for Human Rights Torch Relay and forum about Organ Harvesting.  If there were no people like him, life would really be bleak.

Here is his site.  I’m sure the CCP will say he is a terrorist or is spreading rumours, but he is innocent and is doing what he thinks is right, simply, because he is a responsible person, unique, very great.


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