No More Chinese Communist Party

July 10, 2008

When the communist party says it needs to take maximum cautionnary actions to prevent terrorism, it means it is scared of dissidents.

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I have not done enough research on Muslims in China who want an independent Xinjiang.  If that situation is similar to Tibetan independence movement, then it is the CCP who twists everything into what it is not.  Tibetans are not terrorists and they may have committed some crimes this year while rioting against communist oppression, they definitely do not fit the definition of terrorists (CCP is exactly a terrorist sice it uses threats to keep people in line with it’s se;f serving policies).

The CCP does not want anyone to know that the Tibetans are real people with real grievances who want real solutions, they don’t want to sabotage the Olympics, though they might use the chance of the media watching as some kind of reason to speak out about their issues.

I really think the CCP is going all out on security measures is because it does NOT want a breach in the fake opinions it has cultivated in the Chinese peoples minds.  It fears Falun Gong cause they tell a different story than the one the party tells, the same goes for Tibet, I think the party is really most afraid of banners, words, t-shirts and flyers that might speak the truth about the CCP’s horrible crimes and rights violations.  They say they are looking out for terrorism, but they are actually 100% intent on upholding their own terrorist system.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Homegrown threats top China’s security worries for the Beijing Olympic Games, an official overseeing security said, warning that airborne threats to Games venues will be shot down if they come too close.

Tian Yixiang, head of the Beijing Olympic Games Security Protection Coordinating Group, said the top “terror” threats to the August Games come from Uighur militants campaigning for independence for Xinjiang in China’s far northwest, from Tibetan independence groups, and from followers of the banned Falun Gong sect.

“The security situation facing the Beijing Olympic Games is stable overall, but there remain threats in the traditional and non-traditional security spheres,” Tian told the official magazine Outlook Weekly.

“Terror attacks are the principal threat to Olympic Games Security,” he said, according to the report, which was circulated on the Xinhua news agency’s website (

So much resources, all to keep this freedom of speech repressed, with the excuse of battling terrorists!?  Is this a joke?


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