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July 28, 2008

Expose of communist China’s extreme social darwinism in cultivating basketball star/propagandist Yao Ming

I don’t want to insult anyone here, especially not Yao Ming, I’m sure he’s a very nice person.  It is not his faulth that he was born and bred as a propaganda tool.  The poor boy must sometimes feel pretty bad that everyone loves him because he has fulfilled his cultivated role as athletic propagandist and is owned by a communist state.  This is the social darwinism that communism subscribes to, using people as tools to acheive a materialistic end (assuming people do not have higher purposes, which they do and that is why this crap doesn’t work).  The Chinese want Yao to woo the international community and give them a glorious reputation, just as the Nazis wanted with their Olympics.  You will find that in communist states like China, every move they make is part of a big plan to acheive a perfectly groomed society of unified thought, killing whomever has a spirit outside the party’s control.  I think the CCP has realized that this is a pipe dream, but they keep the dream alive since it makes the people really narrow minded and easy to manipulate for it’s own ends.  I think this scandal will soon errupt, maybe then the Chinese people will understand why Yao Ming, the genetically cultivated commie athlete (and other shallow outdated tactics) is not acheiving the effect of mesmerizing the international community and what human rights means.

Here is a recent article from the Ottawa Citizen about the communist party owned athlete Yao Ming

and a much more in depth article from Time Magazine which I highly recommend.

This photo is captioned: NBA star Yao Ming joins other competitors in taking an oath during a ceremony to announce China’s Olympic team in Beijing on Friday. AFP,Getty Images

Why don’t they mention WHAT oath?  Is it that they do not know what oath?  This arm gesture is allegience and sacrifice to the communist party, not to China.  These people are loyal to the party because they are owned by it and they are paid to tout the party line to the masses. How much is it worth to the party to have this basketball star spread the idea that China=the party and that he loves the party?  A lot!  He’s just a genetically engineered corporate sponsor for the CCP. It pays for the CCP to keep China poor, that way it can promise rice to people like Yao and get so much for itself in return. This is totally nothing personal against Yao as a guy, just a critique and the CCP use of people as darwinist tools for acheiving some political goal, sick.


Games won’t change China’s repressive ways

...according to many observers, the approach of the Games has brought out the worst in Beijing’s officials. Security officials have been busily rounding up what they consider to be the more troublesome dissidents and warning them to leave town until after the foreign hordes have left. They’ve also clamped down on visas, to keep international human-rights activists – or “foreign agitators,” if you prefer – from stirring things up.

Higher up the food chain, a little bullying seems to have made some world leaders reconsider their threats not to show up for the opening ceremonies. A “skip France” campaign, for example, which reduced Chinese visitors to that country to a trickle, might have had something to do with President Nicolas Sarkozy’s backing down on linking his attendance to improved human rights in Tibet.

The Games will, no doubt be dazzling – a tribute to the Chinese people if not to their regime. And Chinese athletes will probably do very well. Autocracies are often adept at producing squads of elite athletes in short order.

But don’t be fooled by the glitter. Despite its idealistic claims, the Olympics will come and go, leaving behind no visible mark on the shameful human-rights record that damages the world’s perception of China so severely and so persistently.

I really don’t have any blame for the athletes, they didn’t do this.  But no matter what people should not ignore the suffering people in China who under the threat of the CCP.  It’s really sick to see so many people selling out to that regime for money.  So more positive action and education is needed to make this better.

Amnesty China Olympics cartoon

Amnesty cartoon for human rights in China – ‘Badminton’

July 27, 2008

Beijing News accidentally publishes photo of their own bloody massacre which remains a secret from the masses to this day.

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1989, Here’s a decent video if you want more info on what happened at that time.  The newspaper somehow published a photo of bodies being carried away from the square.  The communist party had to dispatch people to go and round up all the copies of the paper, the photo caption didn’t even indicate what was the event.  I don’t think people in China would recognize it since it is not allowed, Westerners possibly know more about this event than Chinese.  Here’s the story from the China Media Project.

Germans take the moral high ground, there’s still hope for people.

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These kinds of stories are like no others.  You would think that standing up for oppressed and persecuted people is the normal and natural reaction of free people, but the temptation of corruption combined with information restrictions end up making educated, moral stances so very rare.

I really want the Chinese people to be free and I want the dissident, innocent, true patriots to have their voice and dignity recognized.  I don’t think the masses of Chinese who support the CCP know or care about the people who are treated so unjustly, they make all kinds of excuses.  Anyway, maybe due to them always being reminded of the Holocaust, they have a stronger sense of right and wrong.

Go Germany!!!

July 26, 2008

US lawmakers consider Olympic rights message to China

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 AP   A resolution was introduced in the US House of Representatives asking China to end human rights abuses and its support for tainted governments in Sudan and Myanmar in line with “Olympic traditions of freedom and openness”.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the ranking Republican member in the House foreign affairs panel, said Beijing had ahead of the Olympics “intensified its brutal crackdown on political dissidents and activists.

“One would wish that the motto of this year’s Olympics, ‘one world, one dream,’ could ring true,” she said. “Unfortunately, when it comes to the pursuit of democratic values and human rights, we remain a world divided with a dream unfulfilled.”

Ros-Lehtinen also claimed Beijing had initiated “broad and sweeping measures to silence internal criticism,” allegedly detaining hundreds of practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual sect and members of other organized movements.

“The number of reported raids and summary executions continues to rise, and the regime has even taken violent measures to discourage North Korean refugees from seeking asylum in China,” she said.

July 23, 2008

Is it just me or are some Chinese nationalists totally delusional?

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So the Tibetan poet is suing the regime? In a country with so many people, am I surprised that only very few have the courage to speak the truth?  Not really, because I know what punishments they are facing for all sorts of charges based on exposing the truth relating to the communist party.  It seems like there should be more varied opinions in Chinese society, but from the internet, you can’t access people’s innermost thoughts that they dare not express (specially with internet gestapo breathing don their necks).  I find things like this so pathetic. 2008 !China Stand Up! 2008,中国,站起来!. I don’t think it’s wrong for the people of China to love their country but this video really makes it seem like Chinese think the world is a homogenous lump that is conspiring against an innocent victim,China. †I think the person who made this video doesn’t understand that not every person is like George Bush. I think it is easier for some communist faithfuls to think that the human rights concerns about China are illegitimate. (after all, a lot of them are bought with CCP money and so are desperate to show their support and not face the facts) I also would love to think that China is innocent and that there is no vile unjust torture taking place under my nose, but how could I fool myself like that just to suit my fantasy?

If Chinese people do not address the media distortion and gross human rights atrocities committed by the current leaders of the CCP, then they will be forever delusional and pathetic, wishing that they are innocent victims, when really they are victims of media censorship and terrorist rule, formed as tools for a regime that is just laughing at them as they chant their slogans against the evil imperial forces †blah blah blah.

Also, they say ‘stand together, harmony, this and that’ but what does that even mean?  Does it mean justice?  Does it mean truth?  Does it mean dignity and rights?  Does it mean caring and kindness?  


Propaganda with Chinese characteristics.      

Or, does it just mean,’let’s all maintain the delusion, together we can enforce a collective interpretation of reality, let’s enjoy feeling like victims, blame tough times on foreign forces and use that as an excuse to feel more powerful and full of ourselves, let’s do whatever it takes to not look at anyones side of the story except what our CCP money leaders want us to think’


A rare Tibetan critic sues China’s government

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AP…Woeser’s willingness to openly confront authorities makes her stand out. Most Tibetans are reluctant to do that, even more so than environmental and human rights activists. If they complain at all, they often do so in hushed tones and under the cloak of anonymity.

“When she first started to write about these things, I think everyone assumed that her position would be impossible to sustain. But she has never faltered. … The risks she took were off the chart,” he said, calling Woeser “a poet who forgot to be afraid.”

Her stance is not without cost: Her books are banned in China, and security agents watch her apartment. At one point, she was confined to house arrest. Authorities shut down three of her blogs.


When Woeser sent friends to make inquiries, police told them she posed a danger to state security, the reason often given for keeping dissidents in check.

Woeser dismisses the label.

“I’m an author who writes from home all the time. If I really am posing a threat to society, doesn’t it make the great country of China seem very weak?” she said with a laugh.


July 11, 2008

David Kilgour explains possible reasons why someone like Canada’s Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) would not have very deep knowledge of China

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I find it very interesting that Mr. Kilgour acknowledges that he had been to China several times on political business trips and remained ignorant of the harsh realities surrounding China.  This is important to recognize. Some remain ignorant on purpose and ignore the facts, but there are others who are just unaware and need to know more but don’t find out the relevant info because of widespread  corruption and greed from various walks of life.  When will people of influence realize that they have the power to make a big difference, for good, or bad?  Here’s an excerpt from Mr. Kilgour’s speech, TRUST THE PEOPLE OF CHINA, BUT NOT ITS PARTY-STATE

Carsten Holz, an academic economist who specializes in China, published an article on self-censorship several months ago. He noted, for example, that China experts often take at face value the country’s business laws without mentioning the dominant role of the Party. He adds: “At the national level, the leadership of the 50 largest state-owned enterprises-enterprises that invest around the world-is directly appointed by the Politburo.” Many studies have looked at reasons for the growing income inequality in China. Holz notes that among the 3,220 persons with a personal worth of $13 million equivalent or more in the country 2912 are children of high-level cadres.

China experts, Holz goes on, often speak of the Chinese “government” without further qualification, even when more than 95% of the “leadership cadres” are Party members. “Who questions the legitimacy of the Party leadership to rule China and to rule it the ways it does?” he asks. His conclusion is that many academics, researchers from private firms and from the World Bank and other international organizations normally will not speak candidly about China because their careers “depend on amicable co-operation with the Party.” Separating wheat from self-serving chaff in reports about China thus remains challenging, especially as the Beijing Olympiad nears.

The Party seeks to conflate itself with China as a country, to convince naive persons from within and without the country that it is China, and that without the Party there would be no China.

I had the chance to meet Mr. Kilgour when he came through my city for Human Rights Torch Relay and forum about Organ Harvesting.  If there were no people like him, life would really be bleak.

Here is his site.  I’m sure the CCP will say he is a terrorist or is spreading rumours, but he is innocent and is doing what he thinks is right, simply, because he is a responsible person, unique, very great.

More on the CCP’s elaborate scheme of making critics out to be terrorists, thus inciting the masses to go against them.

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I highly recommend reading all of this report from Human Rights Watch, it is very useful to understand this more in depth.

This reminds me of the classic anecdote, a person who is on the edge of losing sanity has a demon who lies to him.  The demon has it’s own agenda and is using the person.  The demon is against some people and the person has some kind of edgy relationship and emotional problems.  The demon whispers in the persons ear, ‘they are against you, look, don’t you see, if you don’t get them, they will get you’.  Thus the demon is able to control this weak person because the weak person is far too susceptible.

What makes China a weak person?  Media censorship and a very unrealistic view of things due to government abuse of information, culture, ideology and injustice.  The abuse dealt by this party has made the people very weak and mentally unhealthy.  Why do the people accept this?  Because I guess they trade truth for money.

It’s like in that care bears movie where that demon was controlling that little girl and the reason it could control her to do bad things was because she was not able to resist it’s offer of making her better at sports than the other kids.  Classic.

Since in my previous post about the supposed Olympics Terror threat, I have needed to research the issue of Uighurs from Xinjiang.  The communist party has sighted terrorism as it’s biggest concern for the Olympics and it has sighted three groups which are it’s primary concerns:  Tibetans, Uighurs, and Falun Gong practitioners.  I have been researching China for a few years and I know that the CCP is totally killing and torturing Falun Gong people for no good reason at all and they hence lie about Falun Gong every second and use so much resources and tactics to hide this truth.  The situation with Tibet is similar, although unfortunately the Tibetans have committed some violence in the last year against some random Han people.  Falun Gong people never commit any violence although the CCP has staged an incident (video) made to make people think that Falun Gong people would burn themselves.  Now I have done a bit of research about the Uighur situation and realize that this is totally the same sort of thing again.  I am not saying that a few Uighur people have not committed some very retarded crimes, but the CCP has USED those crimes to propagandize the idea that they are TERRORISTS and to persecute them for thought crimes.

The fact is, people of all different types have grievances against the CCP, and they are for very valid reasons, but the people are NOT ALLOWED to mention these thoughts of injustice and abuse.  They are forced into repression and are basically jailed in China.  They have no channels to speak freely and that’s the way the party likes it.  The party has free reign over all media (even punishes people for singing or writing poetry about repression) and controls the masses of Chinese as well as western society to a certain extent to believe that the people critical of the party, or victims of the party who seek justice, are enemies of the people and so called terrorists.  As long as the media is closed, complacent, fearful, greedy, abides by the party line rather than principles and societies the world over are controlled by corrupt, spineless people, these lies will freely perpetuate and create a true, absolute mafia world.  This will only get better if people stop selling their souls for money, negotiations and diplomatic meetings will never make things right as long as money trumps values.  The CCP only has the world by the balls as long as we sell those balls to them for various forms of superficial ease.  One form of superficial ease would be to repeat the line that China is changing rather than going there to investigate crimes against humanity.

I would also add that the North Koreans would call this woman a terrorist (BBC) if they had to explain to anyone why they shot down this lady.  But North Korea stays isolated so that it doesn’t have to go to the lengths that China has gone to to play two faces and create a totally false reality in order to mingle with the world.  As long as they can control and maintain a false reality in their own country, that regime happy to skim what benefits they can from their own peoples backs.

The CCP is lying, it is not afraid of terrorism (they have killed 50-80 million Chinese people, and counting, over their despotic rule and continue to endorse infanticide etc etc so they really are not concerned for human lives), it is afraid of banners, people, and truth Most of all it is afraid of justice. It is very convenient to pretend that these things are actually terrorism, otherwise who would support the massive security effort?  If people wanted to attack China, they do not need the Olympics, the people who want to use the Olympics want the journalists to know what’s going on behind the iron curtain.

July 10, 2008

When the communist party says it needs to take maximum cautionnary actions to prevent terrorism, it means it is scared of dissidents.

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I have not done enough research on Muslims in China who want an independent Xinjiang.  If that situation is similar to Tibetan independence movement, then it is the CCP who twists everything into what it is not.  Tibetans are not terrorists and they may have committed some crimes this year while rioting against communist oppression, they definitely do not fit the definition of terrorists (CCP is exactly a terrorist sice it uses threats to keep people in line with it’s se;f serving policies).

The CCP does not want anyone to know that the Tibetans are real people with real grievances who want real solutions, they don’t want to sabotage the Olympics, though they might use the chance of the media watching as some kind of reason to speak out about their issues.

I really think the CCP is going all out on security measures is because it does NOT want a breach in the fake opinions it has cultivated in the Chinese peoples minds.  It fears Falun Gong cause they tell a different story than the one the party tells, the same goes for Tibet, I think the party is really most afraid of banners, words, t-shirts and flyers that might speak the truth about the CCP’s horrible crimes and rights violations.  They say they are looking out for terrorism, but they are actually 100% intent on upholding their own terrorist system.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Homegrown threats top China’s security worries for the Beijing Olympic Games, an official overseeing security said, warning that airborne threats to Games venues will be shot down if they come too close.

Tian Yixiang, head of the Beijing Olympic Games Security Protection Coordinating Group, said the top “terror” threats to the August Games come from Uighur militants campaigning for independence for Xinjiang in China’s far northwest, from Tibetan independence groups, and from followers of the banned Falun Gong sect.

“The security situation facing the Beijing Olympic Games is stable overall, but there remain threats in the traditional and non-traditional security spheres,” Tian told the official magazine Outlook Weekly.

“Terror attacks are the principal threat to Olympic Games Security,” he said, according to the report, which was circulated on the Xinhua news agency’s website (

So much resources, all to keep this freedom of speech repressed, with the excuse of battling terrorists!?  Is this a joke?

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