No More Chinese Communist Party

June 29, 2008

Nationalist fervor in China is backed by anger

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I thought this article was pretty fresh, which is amazing considering the incredibly low quality of journalism on China issues (no offense journalists, but, what’s stopping you from digging into the real interesting stuff?)

The China Digital Times is cool, I check it whenever I am on the net.

Anyway, about the article.  it touches on the tips of many very interesting icebergs. Articles like this make me feel that maybe when the Olympics is over, people might still think and discuss China, which is the only intelligent thing to do.  The Olympics only has to do with Olympics related issues but so much of the reporting that the Olympics has instigated is so very poignant and really is far above the importance of the Olympic games, so I think that reporters should target what’s important and not always hover around the safety of what’s pop, or what’s entertaining, or what people want to hear.  Kids don’t usually want to learn things but it really helps their lives, same goes for adults.  More knowledge, less mind fluff please (- :

Boisterous protesters called for a boycott of its stores. Many of the goods sold by Carrefour around the world are made in China, but anyone pointing that out typically was shouted down as a traitor.”

“China’s government, while not notable for public accountability, pays close attention to popular opinion and recognizes that nationalism is a double-edged sword.”

“From primary school teaching materials to made-for-television historical dramas, the state-monopolized information system has force-fed generations of Chinese on a diet of nationalist bluster aimed at strengthening allegiance to the regime.

Often when I observe the Chinese who defend their corrupt government fr no apparent reason, I think of this phenomenon: Stockholm Syndrome


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