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June 21, 2008

Faking the Olympic Spirit in China’s Muslim Region

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Der Spiegel article.

The Olympic torch is in China’s far West and security is tight. Still, there are some who came out to celebrate the event — 200 invited guests and a handful of well-trained Uighar schoolchildren. Journalists were watched closely.

Ordinary citizens — apart from groups of school children in festive costumes — were not invited.  ”

Speaking into a microphone, he says it is a great honor to hold the Olympic torch in his hands. He then punches it into the air. It is a gesture the master of ceremonies practiced with him next to the grandstand beforehand.  ”

On the day of the torch run, only invited guests from selected “work units” and schools were allowed to cheer on the runners from the roadside. The homes around the Idkah Mosque and the people’s square seemed deserted: No windows were open and no residents watched the spectacle from above. Meanwhile, soldiers, militia and police gathered in large numbers and hermetically sealed off the area around the mosque. They even stuck yellow tape over the storm drains.  ”

The fear, though, is great, and it overshadows the Kashgar stage of the torch run. There is no sign of the festive atmosphere that attended the first stage of the torch relay in China, on the tropical island of Hainan. In Kashgar nobody seems happy, though the image on television later will no doubt be a different one.  ”

Everything has been rehearsed: “More cheering,” a regional television camera man tells a group of young people, who are not waving their Olympic flags enthusiastically enough for him.  “

The authorities have forbidden journalists to watch the torch relay from the roadside. The foreign press are only allowed to be at the start and finish, where they are first carefully searched and then closely monitored by officials.  “

“Write a beautiful chapter of harmony and progress — paint a magnificent painting of scientific progress,” the inscriptions of banners along the route read, “Welcome the Olympic Games with all your heart.”

That last phrase, does it sound like an regular person came up with that to celebrate the Olympics?  I think that is the mandate, the standard that China feels it has to accomplish FAKING.  Moral relativism among Chinese gives some clue as to what kind of world some brainwashed Chinese perceive.  Some were raised on Maoist revolutionary theory of atheism and believe religiously that the world can be faked and that phenomenon revolve around their goals and dreams which they are willing to stoop to any materialistic level to achieve, such as killing all Falun Gong practitioners and making a profit by selling their vital organs for huge amounts of cash. This is among my theories as to what’s behind the red curtain.


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